Slickplan Features

Here’s a taste of what this handy mind mapping tool can do.

Create a visual sitemap

Customize your work with our sitemap builder

Share your mindmap with your clients — or the world

Collaborate with your team in real time

Integrate with other website planning applications

Sitemaps at the click of a mouse

An intuitive interface gets you up and running. Visual cues help you grow your sitemap quickly.

Drag. Drop. Done.

Reorder a page — or your entire sitemap — in seconds. Simply drag and drop pages, even entire trees.

In-place editing

Renaming was never easier: just double-click text and start typing. Changes appear directly on the sitemap cell.


Sitemap cells and trees resize to fit the creation page automatically. And scalable vector graphics mean your sitemap looks great at any size.

Undo and redo

Make a mistake? All is forgiven with the one-click undo button. And if you change your mind, you can “redo,” too.

Autosave Saves

Don’t lose a precious second of work! Set your sitemaps to save the instant changes are made.

What's Your Orientation?

Show off your fancy new sitemap in either horizontal or vertical orientation. The choice is yours.

Page Notes

Need to explain yourself? Add notes to any cell on your site map using our visual editor and export it when you're done.

Custom Colors

Select any color for your site’s levels or individual cells. Create custom color palettes you can save and reuse, or use one of ours.

Keyboard Shortcuts

In a hurry? Use the keyboard shortcuts from other applications you know and love to easily undo, redo, zoom, and add new pages.

Link Up

Need to link to an external site or document? Add a custom URL to any cell on your sitemap.

Page Types

Visually denote what type of page each cell represents—including page types you create on your own.


Working on a large project? Separate your sitemap into large sections for simple organization.

Site Crawler

Stop building sitemaps from scratch. Our site crawler generates a sitemap for an existing website — all you do is feed it the URL or import from a Google XML file.


Want to repeat a group of pages across a few parts of your sitemap? Create an attack of the clones with our easy tool.

Text Import

New: Need to make a sitemap quickly? Use our simple text file importer to make a beautiful presentation in seconds.

Batch Editing

New: Huge sitemaps with a lot of edits are handled easily by our batch editor. Change labels, colors and interactive features for several pages at once.

Design Mockups

Add designs, wireframes, or images to any page on your sitemap. Share your ideas and feedback with the entire team!

Own It

Every account comes with its own sub-domain. Send clients to your very own Slickplan.

Brand It

Upload your company’s logo and change the site colors to make Slickplan match your brand. And save your brand’s color palettes to use later.

Work It

Add your client logos to their projects. Every sitemap can look custom-made.

Cell Colors

Select cell colors for any level of your sitemaps. You can use our color swatch sets, or create and save custom palettes of your own.

Profile Pictures

Slickplan users can upload their own profile photos for further account personalization.

Preferences Perfected

Features like autosave, warn before leaving a page, comment alerts, text case, and automatic page numbering can be tailored to your liking.

Text and Line Colors

Make your sitemap look extra-spiffy with custom colors for lines and text. These can help you stay in brand — and stay organized.

Email Easily

Send emails from the creation page directly to clients. Slickplan generates HTML links automatically to a sitemap preview.

Get Social

Want feedback or kudos from your social circle? Send links to your sitemaps directly to Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Export Expertly

Sitemaps can be exported and shared in different formats, including PDF, Vector, PNG, HTML, XML, CSV and DOCX

Post to Basecamp

Simply input your authentication key and Slickplan can post messages directly to your Basecamp projects — whether you’re using new Basecamp or Basecamp Classic.

Copy to Clipboard

When you’re ready to show off your sitemap, there’s no need to copy and paste. Use this feature to instantly grab your sitemap’s preview URL.

Invitation Only

Add users to your account. Clients and colleagues can participate in the sitemap creation process from start to finish.

Casting Call

Choose which users on your Slickplan account can view, comment, or edit along with you. Delegate responsibility by assigning multiple admins besides the account owner.

Group Editing

Let your clients make suggestions, changes, or even create new versions of your sitemaps. If multiple people are working at once, see changes happen in real time.

Extraordinary Commentary

Comments appear directly on the project page. Feedback and replies are a cinch to track.

Approval & Locking Permissions

Lock sitemaps so changes can't be made after your'e finished and assign specific contributors to approve you're work.

Live Chat

Talk to your colleagues in real time as you collaborate on changes and strategy together.

Site Crawler

Import sitemaps using just a URL or Google XML file. You’ll have a ready-to-edit sitemap in no time.

Connect Up

Sync up with Basecamp (new or Classic) from the outset of your project. Your Basecamp connection is just a click away.

Basecamp Love

Post your sitemaps to any Basecamp project, manage who receives them, and categorize messages.

XML Goodness

Import sitemaps from a Google XML file. Then export them via XML to use with applications like Wordpress.

HTML Ready

When your sitemap’s complete, grab the HTML to put directly in your source code. Sweet!

WordPress Plugin

We've created our very own WordPress plugin to import the Slickplan XML export into a WordPress page structure HW

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