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Refer Slickplan and Get Great Rewards

Hey Slickplan fans, you won’t believe what we’re up to now. We have established some new programs that promise to reward you for your loyal support. Whether you are new…

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December 19, 2014

Website Architecture Strategy

Website Information Architecture and SEO

Website information architecture refers to the approach you take in designing and planning your website. Website information architecture is much like the architecture of a beautiful building—the design, aesthetics, character,…

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December 11, 2014

Content Strategy

Determining Blog and Content Categories

If you are taking time to create blogs, articles, posts, and various website content that will drive traffic to your website, understanding content as it relates to your audience might…

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UX Planning, Website Architecture Strategy

Using Multiple Home Pages

Multiple home pages could be the solution to your multi-site enterprise storefronts or the downfall of your small business. While there are certainly a number of substantial reasons for designing…


Creating a User Flow, User Flow

Organizing Web Pages

As “unparalleled user experiences” moves to the top of the list in perfect website design, the structure and organization of your web pages is the most important aspect of your…


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