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We’re designers, developers, and information architects, and we spend every day thinking about how we can create better online experience for our clients. We created Slickplan for folks just like us and you.

What Do We Stand For? Here’s What We Stand For!


Why did we get into this business? To give our friends the tools to create awesome websites. When you empower others, they can do great things.


As creative people, we’re not too keen on letting machines do the work for us, but they sure can organize stuff well. Our apps are so efficient they give you back precious time so you can be even more creative. What are you going to do with all that time!


It’s no shock that creative energy is a very powerful force in nature. We believe that intuitive and user friendly environments get people charged up so they can blast through any creative challenge or obstacle. #getinspired!

How We Got to Here

In 2009, the site mapping web app Slickplan was born out of our own need for a tool that would let us quickly and easily design and share website architecture planning. Every feature and interface aspect was built with web designers and information architects in mind. Our mission was to make it as easy as possible for them to do the things they do most often.

After an overwhelming response to our Sitemap Builder, we embarked on a bigger mission to help users with even more parts of the website planning process. In 2015, we launched a companion Diagram Maker, Content Planner and Design Mockups tool giving users the ability to complete the circle of web planning including website structure, user experience, content and design collaboration.

Come With Us

We love listening to our customers and finding new ways to help them achieve their goals. The improvements we’ve made to the app are based on our own day-to-day use of Slickplan, as well as feedback from our very active followers.

Join over 120,000 registered users from around the world! We’d like to invite you to test out everything free for 30 days. Got a suggestion, question, ….funny joke? We’d love to hear about it.

P.S. We <3 IA

We are very passionate about forward thinking web and information architecture concepts. Check out our blog, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on facebook to get great articles, information, and tips & tricks from industry experts.

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