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Esharp Jpg

Eric Sharp

Founder, Protofuse, Inc

My team can’t imagine designing the architecture of a website without Slickplan. It’s a tool we use on every single project. Their snappy and intuitive design, along with the integration to other tools we already use when working through IA decisions, makes Slickplan a versatile & comprehensive tool. You guys rock!

Mfreze Jpg

Molly Freze

Art Director, Prism Creative

As a Freelancer, it’s important that the tools I work with daily are versatile & extensive. Slickplan makes it easy - and has continued to surpass my expectations!

Knelson Jpg

Kietra Nelson

Principal + Founder, Classic Ink Creative

Our team has used Slickplan since the get-go. It has simplified many aspects of our workflow, from collaboration to seamless integration with other tools we use, Slickplan has allowed us to work faster & smarter. We’re hooked!

Jfoley Jpg

Justin Foley

Partner, Mod Web

Slickplan takes all the pain out of content planning and client communication. We’ve seen client satisfaction go up while our internal costs have gone down. Slickplan has become a critical tool for our workflow that we can’t live without.

Rjohnsons Jpg

Randy Johnson

Owner, Eight Deuce

I love how simple and user-friendly Slickplan is. The Site Crawler Tool is genius! I had my first sitemap created in minutes, and sharing with my clients is effortless. Wait, there’s also a WordPress plugin for importing my projects? Thanks for making life so easy!

Abarrett Jpg

Adam Barrett

Managing Director, DC Dev Shop

Using Slickplan to manage your client sitemaps just makes sense. My team can collaborate on sitemaps internally then share for client approval. We use their WordPress plugin for importing project sitemaps, creating the pages automatically, saving my team time in the process.

Sshaman Jpg

Seth Shaman

Digital Project Curator, Steepside Design

As we all know, to do the job right the first time, you need to have the right tools. This is why I highly recommend Slickplan to any individual or agency looking to develop beautiful information architecture. There simply is no equal.

Mreiss Jpg

Michael Reiss

Founder, Advertology

Our apps are so efficient they give you back precious time so you can be even more creative. What are you going to do with all that time!

Kveitia Jpg

Kevin Veitia

Founder, OuiGrowth

When I have a mockup to share, I go to Slickplan. Their online tool makes it easy to upload wireframes or other graphical elements and seamlessly share them with my clients. What’s more, they also provide a centralized place for feedback. Thanks Slickplan!

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Stephanie Campanella

@slickplan winna app guys.“

Stephanie Campanella, @Stefania_m_c


“Really loving the simplicity of making a site map in @slickplan. Free version has great features.“

Crystal, @pinkpodster


@slickplan is a great tool at an especially great plan for we designers, and SEO’s who often need an effective site map tool! Awesome!“

Référencemoi.ca, @ReferencemoiSEO

Chris Slone

“@saa_edu students... anyone that needs to rock out a quick sitemap, this is a crazy awesome program @slickplan slickplan.com“

Chris Slone, @slonedesigns

Ben Brasso

“Time saver RT @ahulka: @slickplan just made creating an #IA 10X faster #nomoreomnigraffle“

Ben Brasso, @benbrasso

Jessica DeCianno

“Love the web app from @slickplan! Awesome site map planning and ability to collaborate and share with team. #marketing #webcontent“

Jessica DeCianno, @JMDeC

Camillo Bejarano

“aww yeah! @slickplan saves the day! check them out at https://slickplan.com . #yam“

Camillo Bejarano, @ph7labs

Design Agency

@slickplan Will there be an update to allow a sub page to be a parent page so you can add another page off that? would be a big help!“

Design Agency, @design_agencyuk

Josh Hess

“These guys have an awesome sitemap program - so easy, so beautiful! Go check them out! @slickplan

Josh Hess, @hessmediagroup


“make it fun! Way to go @slickplan, Love the concept.“

factor1, @factor1

Daniel Afrahim

@slickplan great job designing the app, love the UI, easy to use and responsive.“

Daniel Afrahim, @designbydaniel

Shout! Creative

@slickplan Awesome - Can’t wait to try it out!“

Shout! Creative, @shoutcreative

Andrew Armitage

“All site mapped out this afternoon. A job made easier though with @slickplan

Andrew Armitage, @aarmitage

Dean Cruddace

“Well that has just made my life a lot easier cheers @slickplan

Dean Cruddace, @DeanCruddace

Beyond Pixels

“The quick, slick way to build perfect #sitemaps - @slickplan http://buff.ly/1iyBwnZ“

Beyond Pixels, @beyondpixelsuk

Frank Jepsen

“Taking @slickplan for a test run. Looks like it is everything WriteMaps should have been. #sitemaps“

Frank Jepsen, @frankjepsen

Elaine Speer

“I’m redesigning a client’s website. Found cool tool to sketch out site map. Free. Easy. Cool. @slickplan

Elaine Speer, @elainespeer

Danny Schotthoefer

@slickplan @cvferg effing incredible. This new section layout is simply geektastic!“

Danny Schotthoefer, @dschotthoefer

Nate Ernst

@slickplan just found your app for making free sitemaps. Very cool, can’t wait to use it.“

Nate Ernst, @varloo

New Pharma News

@slickplan awesome tool! thanks!!“

New Pharma News, @generic_pharma

Jason Eggert

“Need to make nav maps? Using @slickplan, it rocks. https://www.slickplan.com“

Jason Eggert, @jasoneggert

Jay Pick

“Really nice sitemap tool https://slickplan.com/ @slickplan

Jay Pick, @jay_pick


“Working on the 3rd sitemap of the day. Thank goodness for @slickplan - makes life so much easier!“

Bluegg, @Bluegg


“I used @slickplan today at work..... #thanks @atomicgroup haha #hopealliswell :)“

ammmber, @ambrandesign

Ryan Swarts

“Check out @slickplan -- a simple, fast, free way to design site maps online (incredible): http://bit.ly/k2KLso #ia #ux #design“

Ryan Swarts, @swartsr

Alex Moss

“hmmm @slickplan and @basecampnews join forces. nice“

Alex Moss, @alexmoss

Lord Winkleton

“Good find - RT @jay_pick: Really nice sitemap tool https://slickplan.com/ @slickplan

Lord Winkleton, @Lord_Winkleton

Heather Peacock

“just started using @slickplan to visualise website IA’s and have to say it is a very handy tool indeed. So easy to use #MakingLifeABitEasier“

Heather Peacock, @heatherpea


“Thanks @slickplan !!! #treatyoself2012 http://instagr.am/p/SMJnQQw4y3/“

Paige, @paigetheelefant

Blair Scott

“Using @slickplan to create a site map at #clegivecamp, give it a try if you need to whip up a site map really quickly.“

Blair Scott, @dhulk

The Variables Co.

“Found a GREAT, free to use Web based Flow Chart generator called SlickPlan. @slickplan #webdevelopment #webtools #websites“

The Variables Co., @thevariablesco


“Need to build a website map? Give @slickplan a try. I did and I love it. SOOOOO simple. One of the best tools I’ve found for #sitemaps.“

Brandon, @MrBrandonZ

Oskar Smith

“Having at first thought @slickplan was too niche to be useful, I’ve changed my mind. Used it today & it was invaluable. Subscription bought.“

Oskar Smith, @oskarsmith

Toby Pestridge

“Toying with @slickplan, a new web based sitemap/flowchart generator. All good so far...“

Toby Pestridge, @TobyPestridge

Jean-Eric Hoang

@slickplan saved my life.“

Jean-Eric Hoang, @Jean_eric


“We recently discovered @slickplan, a super sleek drag & drop site map builder. Excited to try it out! https://slickplan.com/“

Barrel, @barrelny

Adashmore Creative

“We came here to eat lunch and plan websites, and we’re all out of lunch. Currently using @slickplan, our team’s new favorite tool!“

Adashmore Creative, @Adashmore

Sam Hicks

“A brilliant tool for generating sitemaps! https://slickplan.com/ #IA #webdev“

Sam Hicks, @samhicks1985

Colin Gourlay

“Saturday night site planning. Bourne movie, @slickplan @invisionapp #pizza #boredgirlfriend“

Colin Gourlay, @colingourlay

Emily Thousand

“What do you use to build a #sitemap - I like @slickplan - it’s SO easy, and it’s free! https://www.slickplan.com/ #IA #tools“

Emily Thousand, @emilythousand


“OMG am loving the online #site map creator, #slickplan. If you have a deep level site (and love your #Mac ) you will thank me later.“

GazinDesign, @GazinDesign

Paul Henderson

“handy (free) online tool for creating simple sitemaps @slickplan https://www.slickplan.com“

Paul Henderson, @paulhenderson

Molly Malsam

“V. excited about @slickplan tool. Been trying non-Visio solutions for yrs for creating site maps. This one seems great!“

Molly Malsam, @MollyMalsam

Gabre Cameron

“I love @slickplan it makes work load so much easier.“

Gabre Cameron, @pxjunkie

Jared Hippensteel

“Just bought a subscription to @slickplan for at work. Stoked is an understatement! #sitemaps #html #webdesign #efficiency“

Jared Hippensteel, @jaredhipp

Interweb Gurus

“Great tool for planning and sharing site architecture https://slickplan.com/ Nice job! “

Interweb Gurus, @InterwebGurus

Ideas Culture

“having a blast with https://www.slickplan.com for creating website site maps. Thx @slickplan !“

Ideas Culture, @IdeasCulture


“people use @slickplan there honestly is no better sitemap tool out there!!“

daveg_isme, @daveg_isme

Kerri Pepperman

@slickplan is amazing. You can make beautiful sitemaps in minutes. It does all of the formatting automatically. LOVE IT.“

Kerri Pepperman, @kpepper

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