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Create new website structures from scratch using drag and drop or start with an existing website by importing its URL or Google XML file. Slickplan’s visual sitemap generator builds easy to navigate hierarchical sitemaps in different orientations to help you present and test a variety of architecture scenarios for web pages.
  • Create structures

  • Manage large sitemaps

  • Add page attributes

  • Style sitemaps

  • Collaborate and share

  • Incorporate SEO metrics

  • Site crawler & XML import

  • Export sitemaps

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Randy Johnson
I love how simple and user-friendly Slickplan is. The Site Crawler Tool is genius! I had my first sitemap created in minutes, and sharing with my clients is effortless. Wait, there’s also a WordPress plugin for importing my projects? Thanks for making life so easy!
Randy Johnson, Owner at Eight Deuce

Sitemap resources

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