Content Planning for Websites

Manage the process of planning website content with our intuitive and feature-rich tool. Easily and seamlessly add, edit, organize, and export. Create and organize content in blocks for every media type or page section.

Rich Text and Plain Text Editing

Write or paste text directly into our rich text editor. Clean up the formatting, style the text, and add links. Use the plain-text tool to add and edit HTML, set H1s, and assign sub headers so the text is ready to go.

Efficient Image Handling

Quickly upload or choose images from your Slickplan library in PNG, JPG, and GIF formats. Add alt text and title text so you know it’s there when it’s time to publish.

Upload and Organize Videos

Upload videos in many formats from your computer or Slickplan library to your content pages. Placing videos in advance with Slickplan ensures the right video goes in the right spot when it's time to code.

Manage Downloadable Files

Upload files such as PDFs, DOCX, or any other format to your content plan. Be sure your files are in the the right place when you publish your content.

Plan Tabular Data

Plan your HTML data tables in Slickplan. It’s a good idea to make sure your data is organized before you publish to your website. Add as many rows or columns to each table as you like.

Essential SEO Content

Launch your site pre optimized for search engines. Include essential meta descriptions, title tags, image alt tags, keyworded urls, and more; all directly exportable to supported CMS platforms.

Assign Classes and IDs

Define a logical naming system for HTML classes and IDs in advance, making it super easy for styling and coding when the time comes. Select any HTML element or content block and assign a class or ID from a standard list (or create your own).

Seamless Integration with Sitemaps

The content planning tool is tightly integrated with our sitemap builder so that you can seamlessly transition between designing your website structure and crafting your web page content.

Drag and Drop to Reorder Content Positions

Conveniently adjust content order by dragging and dropping content blocks within your page plan. Test different position scenarios and reading orders. Use page templates to create default content positions.

Achieve Consistency with Page Templates

A page template is a set of rules for page content blocks. Maintain consistency in content quantity, type, order, and layout across multiple pages. Make your pages unified.

Content Dashboard and Side Navigation

Access your page plans from the content dashboard or expandable left-side navigation pane. Easily move between individual content page plans and the list view.

Auto Save

Never worry about losing your work. Slickplan autosaves your content after every addition, edit, or upload.

Last Modified Date

When creating and editing content, it is always important to know the last time it was modified, especially when working in a team.

Add Contributors

Easily add other people as contributors to your account project and content plans. Simply invite users by their email address and grant them view or edit permissions for any project.

Assigning Work

Know who is doing what. Hand off work to contributors by assigning them pages of your content plan. Assign pages individually or in bulk. Everyone can see what pages they are assigned by using the page filter feature.

Production Workflows

Create a process for production workflows. Change a page’s status from “draft” to “complete” or assign your own custom status types. Update page assignments so that the right people are working on projects at the right time.

Production Progress

Admins can see the overall progress of their content production by looking at the project status bar. As each page moves through the production workflow, the status bar fills up and is color coded to show groups of statuses.

Pre-Fill CMS Pages

Export your content directly to a supported CMS platform so that your page content will be organized and ready to go. Code more quickly in WordPress, Joomla, ExpressionEngine, Drupal, and Concrete5.

Auto-Create Website Navigation

Use the Slickplan sitemap builder to plan your website’s page structure. Automatically generate your website’s navigation when you export to a supported CMS.

Set Website Settings

Set your website’s title, tagline, domain url, and default language when exporting directly to one of our supported CMS platforms. Do a bit more planning from within Slickplan so there’s less to do when you get ready to set up your website.

Export to Microsoft Word

Export all of your content for each page as a Microsoft Word DOCX file for easy review, sharing, or coding of text.