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Starting a UI Project with the UX in Mind

March 17, 2017
planning strategies

When designing a user interface, it’s easy to get lost in the process and forget about the end user. Even though the user interface is designed to create a connection between man and machine, many of us instead focus on the machine rather than the man.

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Launching a New Website Planning Suite — Is Taking Web Architecture To A Whole New Level

February 8, 2016

Slickplan, a seamless sitemap builder since 2009, launches three new website planning tools. This launch takes Slickplan into new territory in terms of everything professionals need to plan a website. From sitemap to finished product, Slickplan offers a powerful new solution for a critical step in producing successful websites — pre-CMS planning.

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Website Planning Just Got Better – Announcing Slickplan’s Pre-CMS Suite Launch

February 5, 2016

Hey everyone, wait until you see what we’ve been up to. Slickplan just launched three critical website planning tools to coincide with our popular sitemap web app. If you already thought our site mapping platform was amazing, you will find these new tools even more important in the planning of successful, well thought out websites. Let us introduce you to new...

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Add Images with Design Mockups

February 6, 2015
Design Mockups

Do you ever wish you could show clients or your team ideas for the pages inside your sitemap? If so, there’s an exciting new update to Slickplan. Whether it’s a rough wireframe, sketch or polished design mockup you need to upload and share we’ve created the perfect new addition to Slickplan called Design Mockups. Just like any other page attribute it’s accessible…

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Refer Slickplan and Get Great Rewards

December 19, 2014
Slickplan Affiiliate Program

Hey Slickplan fans, you won’t believe what we’re up to now. We have established some new programs that promise to reward you for your loyal support. Whether you are new to Slickplan—really just checking it out—or you are hooked on our sitemap tool, we’re offering some Slickplan rewards you may not be able to pass up. Check out our new program launches…

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