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Slickplan’s Design Mockups
The problem

The problem

The first version of any project is rarely perfect. Mockup and design iterations are what get you there but keeping track of them and the feedback can be a job by itself.

The solution

The solution

Slickplan’s Design Mockup tool integrates with some of your favorite design tools to centralize UI and website design layouts and the conversations that shape them.

a tool to help accelerate your designs

Collaborate to enhance UX/UI

Collaborate to enhance UX/UI

Work together to take designs from concept to complete

Consolidate feedback

Consolidate feedback

Stay organized by keeping notes & comments in one place

Streamline workflow

Streamline workflow

Tracking, approvals & drop pin comments clean up the process

Design Mockups key features & tools

When it comes to building your website or app, the best surprises are no surprises. Enter Slickplan's Design Mockups tool, the quick and easy way to share and present mockups, discuss progress and sharpen your UI/UX as you go. Kiss surprises goodbye.

6 panels presenting design concepts for various sites and pages
Drop pin commenting to attach feedback directly to a part of a design
Interface for integrating Slickplan with Figma
Status menu options for tracking design progress

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Who benefits from our Design Mockups tool?

  • UX/UI designers
  • Content strategists
  • Marketing teams
  • Freelancers
  • Project managers
  • Sales managers
  • Website developers
  • Agencies
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UX/UI designers

Create stronger UX and smarter UI:

Add Slickplan to your workflow with Figma direct sync integration:

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Content strategists

Understand where content fits within the project & on the page:

Stay active throughout the design process to ensure content shines:

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Marketing teams

Optimize campaigns and marketing pages:

Keep your team on the same page:

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Collaborate with clients to create better user experiences:

Expedite the design process with:

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Project managers

Oversee the entire build and keep projects on track:

Complementary website planner tools help improve your entire site:

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Sales managers

Present clients with what improved UX/UI looks and feels like:

Nailing user experience and web design can help clients:

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Website developers

Finalize layouts before moving into production:

Solve design problems together:

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Level up UX and UI for all of your clients:

Improve workflow and move through projects more efficiently:

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Slickplan fits into any tech stack

Use our Design Mockups tool to workshop design ideas, shape UI and move towards launch faster

1 Planning


2 Design


3 Prototyping


4 Development




6 Content


Works with wireframe & prototyping tools

There’s no shortage of quality web design tools out there to couple Slickplan with. Specific software for UX design, UI elements, online wireframing and more put a world of specialized options at your fingertips; the perfect complement to a website planner like ours. Be it tools for perfecting a software mockup or a dedicated app mockup tool, interactive mockup platforms have never been more accessible. Going from concept to functional prototype has never been quicker.

Figma logo


Among the best options for prototyping and wireframe design online, Figma is a beast. Essentially an industry standard at this point, you can effortlessly design and collaborate on your projects in one intuitive workspace. Whether it’s mobile devices or full sites, you’re covered with Figma.

Sketch logo


If you’re an Apple diehard and committed to the iOS ecosystem, consider Sketch your go-to (though the web app makes viewing projects possible for everyone at least). Their native macOS editor sports an easy-to-use user interface that you’ve come to expect from products and software in Apple’s orbit.

Adobe XD logo

Adobe XD

No surprise that Adobe’s powerhouse of a creative toolbox - the Creative Cloud suite - includes an exceptional program for layouts, wireframes and prototypes. If you, your team and product managers are already using Adobe’s batch of design tools, you’ll feel right at home with XD.

UxPin logo


Wireframe online with one of the top overall tools for prototyping, UxPin is a professional-grade UX design platform. Design layouts, create mockups for mobile apps or websites, test and build from one platform and handoff without complication. Create interactive wireframes online and experiment with 1000s of prebuilt elements.

Balsamiq logo


Among the top wireframing tools online, you’d be hard-pressed to beat Balsamiq’s UI mockup software. One of the originals, they’ve been around for a while but continue to add new features. No internet connection for the web app? You can always use their desktop app.

Marvel logo


From the quick iteration of rapid prototyping all the way through to user testing, Marvel has you covered. With integrations galore, Jira to YouTube, you can create some compellingly interactive layouts with this app and website mockup tool. They’ve also made the handoff to your development as painless as possible.

Speed up the design process, for free

Kevin Veitia

When I have to share mockups, I go to Slickplan. Their online mockup tool makes it easy to upload wireframes or other graphical elements and seamlessly share them with clients. What’s more, they also provide a centralized place for quick mockup feedback. Thanks Slickplan!

Kevin Veitia, Founder at OuiGrowth