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Receiving design feedback on your work is essential for stakeholder and client satisfaction as well as the design direction. With Slickplan, you can host and share design mockups, centralize comments, and save your notes. Upload wireframes, prototypes, UI designs, and graphic elements for easy access. Share mockups paired with website sitemap plans, page content, and user flow diagrams as one website project - all from one system. It’s a better alternative to sharing mockups via email or a cloud folder; our design mockups tool saves you time and keeps you organized by serving as a central repository with the most up to date mockups and feedback side by side.

Design Mockups

Quickly Upload and Organize Mockups

Quickly and easily drag and drop design mockups in a variety of image file formats to upload to your private repository. Images will be available for viewing and download and include room for notes and multi-user feedback.

The Slickplan Design Mockups Sharing Tool is a uniquely helpful system for those looking to share mockups with key stakeholders, including clients, people on their team, and those in their company.

Share and Receive Feedback

Use Slickplan to facilitate sharing of all your design work in an organized and efficient manner. Control who sees what and gain valuable feedback from stakeholders in one place.

The Slickplan Design Mockups Tool is great for sharing:


Website Wireframes


Interactive Prototypes


App Interface Design


Graphical Layouts


New Logo Options

Content Planner

Advertising Mockups




Hand Sketches


Digital Art

Website Architecture

Color Swatches


Blog Graphics



In House

Design Scenarios


Email Layouts


Social Media Covers

Sitemap Builder

Promotional Imagery

Share It All From Slickplan

Our app does not create mockups or designs. There are many excellent, specialized apps capable of creating any design you can imagine. We give you the ability to use your preferred design tools and still share your imagery alongside the rest of your Slickplan Website Project. View Some of Our Favorite Recommended Design Apps

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Sharing Mockups

Design Mockups Tool Features

Learn about this feature rich tool and why it can be a helpful aid in your design and planning process.

Recommended Design Apps

Here are some great 3rd party design apps we recommend for creating mockups and imagery to share with our tool.

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