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Design mockups
Slickplan's advanced file management system stores and organizes images, media, and other files of all shapes and sizes inside one design platform. The file library is tightly integrated with our Design Mockup tool, allowing unlimited mockup designs attached to any page within your project. View files in either grid or list view and quickly filter images from any project in your account to find exactly what you need.
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  • Upload images

  • Present & discuss

Work with mockups

Slickplan’s Design Mockup app is great for sharing…

  • Low-fidelity wireframes
  • Interactive prototypes
  • High-fidelity UI design
  • Mobile app design
  • Web app mockups
  • Blog layouts
  • Design scenarios
  • Email layouts
  • UI kits & UI components
  • Android app UI
  • iPhone & iPad app design
  • Apple iOS widgets
Kevin Veitia
When I have a mockup to share, I go to Slickplan. Their online tool makes it easy to upload wireframes or other graphical elements and seamlessly share them with my clients. What’s more, they also provide a centralized place for feedback. Thanks Slickplan!
Kevin Veitia, Founder at OuiGrowth

Design Mockup app resources

The following resources provide information on using the Design Mockup features alongside other prototyping tools and design platforms.