Build a Website from Your Slickplan Project

Build a website in your favorite Content Managing System (CMS) with Slickplan. Start by easily transferring your website pages, folder structure, navigation, and website content from your Slickplan projects to your favorite CMS platform, including WordPress or Joomla. Continue to build your website in the CMS by applying your stylings.

Build a Website from Your Slickplan Project

Pre Planning For Cms Integration

Pre-Planning for CMS Integration

Spending extra time perfecting your sitemap and content plans before you start coding can save you time when transferring your site to a CMS. Slickplan’s CMS integration lets you seamlessly transfer website structures and content directly to your CMS. This ensures 1:1 execution of your website plan, reduction of coding errors or missed items, and significant time savings on overall final website production.

It is important to be thorough when building your website’s sitemap and planning your content so that you have the clearest possible picture of what the final product will look like when it goes to production. During the planning phase, you are in a much better position to make changes, test scenarios, and work out potential issues before you transfer content to the live site. Making revisions will be simple during the planning phases, so we recommend making the most of it.

Your content should be as complete and final as possible within the content plan before you transfer it to your actual website. This includes header tag assignments, spelling and grammar as well as stakeholder or client final approvals. Quickly share, gain feedback and make changes from the Slickplan content planner, rather than your actual website. Save time by knowing the content is complete when it arrives on the new site.

Transfering Slickplan Projects to Your CMS

Pre Cms Planning

Pages and Page Structures

Easily transfer website pages and structures from Slickplan to a supported CMS platform. Slickplan sitemaps can be transferred by themselves or to include underlying page content from the content planner. Importing sitemaps is an especially useful CMS integration when dealing with websites with numerous sections, pages, and subpages. Save time and ensure accuracy by exporting your sitemap to a Slickplan XML file that can be used in one of our plugins.


Website Page Content

When building your website you will have the opportunity to transfer content from your Slickplan Content Planner. This includes all of your plain and rich text, images, videos, and files. Depending on your chosen CMS platform, you may be able to transfer additional content types; see the chart below for more information.

Sitemap Vertical

Navigation and Menus

Our WordPress plugin allows you to build website menu and navigation systems directly within the CMS using your Slickplan sitemap. You will be given the option to include your menus during the XML export/import process. Easily edit your menus and navigation as needed once they are transferred to your new site.

Seo Elements

SEO Elements

Whether you are optimizing your website’s SEO yourself or you have dedicated support staff, Slickplan’s content planner makes this part of the process smooth and seamless. Plan your keyword optimization, urls, title and meta description tags, alt text, header assignment, and text within the Content Planner. Make edits, get feedback, and collaborate first before you code. When you are ready, your SEO elements will be transferred along with your content to your CMS so that when you go live, your website is fully optimized from the beginning.

Supported CMS Platforms and Features

Please reference the CMS integration chart below for supported features by plugin when generating a website from Slickplan.

CMS Platform Transfer Page Structure Transfer Content Transfer HTML Elements Transfer SEO Elements WP Yoast SEO Integration Transfers Menu Structures
Cms Wordpress WordPress Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cms Joomla Joomla! Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Cms Concrete concrete5 Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Cms Drupal Drupal Yes Yes Yes No No No
Cms Expressionengine ExpressionEngine Yes Yes Yes No No No

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