Create & Share Amazing Designs

We decided to skip building a wireframe design tool of our own because there are plenty of great apps already available. Instead, we’ve provided you with a centralized system for sharing mockups from all your design channels alongside your website planning content. Here are some of our favorite design apps that work great with the Slickplan Design Mockups Sharing Tool.

Create & Share Amazing Designs

Wireframes, Prototypes & Layouts



We love Axure! It is truly a professional and comprehensive wireframing and interactive design toolset used by top Fortune 100 companies. Diagram complex wireframes, dynamic content, create interactive prototypes, and responsive layouts.



UxPin is another professional-grade platform that bills itself as an Agile UX design platform. Design your layouts, test and build from one app. Create interactive wireframes and experiment with 1000s of prebuilt elements.


Balsamiq Mockups

This is a rock solid wireframing tool that has been around for quite awhile but continues to add new features and functionality. Design on your desktop or in the web app. Create sketched wireframes to convey your ideas quickly and easily.



Get high-fidelity in under 5 minutes. Upload your design files and add animations, gestures, and transitions to transform your static screens into clickable, interactive prototypes. Simplify your feedback process by having clients, team members, and stakeholders comment directly on your designs.

Share with Slickplan

Collaborate with your team, company stakeholders or clients with Slickplan Design Mockups. Easily share your website layouts, graphics, mockups or other image assets alongside your Slickplan website sitemap, user flow diagram, and content plan. We give you lots of storage space, so you never have to worry about uploading files.

Graphic Design Apps



Macaw is a powerful twist on the classic image editor. This design app is specifically for crafting websites and apps. Create responsive and interactive friendly web layouts that include semantic HTML and CSS. Available for Mac and Windows.



Powerful photo editing in a web based app. Edit, touch up, design and organize any photo or image project. Create logos, website and blog graphics, layouts, mockups and more. It includes lots of fonts, effects, and tools to support your creativity.



This wonderfully unique platform speeds creation of a multitude of marketing assets using prebuilt templates, customizable content, photos, images and graphic art. There’s also affordable pricing with easy downloading and sharing right to social media, your marketing campaign or a Slickplan project.


Looking to quickly and professionally whip up an infographic? offers thousands of templates and design options to help you quickly create infographics that look good.

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