Slickplan features at a glance

Slickplan features at a glance

Collaborate with teams easily using Slickplan’s planning tools and powerful new features. Streamline the website planning process with our Sitemap Builder, Content Planner, Diagram Maker and Design Mockups.

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Sitemap Builder

Site mapping is an integral part of website planning and establishing information architecture. Quickly create customizable branded sitemaps using a drag and drop interface. Learn more

  • Create structures

    Visualize pages with a hierarchical sitemap. Drag and drop cells that represent elements of your website structure into their intended position. Easily test a variety of architecture scenarios.
  • Manage large sitemaps

    Reduce the time it takes to plan large websites. Organize pages into collapsible sections so you can easily focus on specific areas.
  • Add page attributes

    Keep all of your descriptive information within the sitemap. Add details to your sitemap pages such as: page types, notes, file attachments, URL links, diagrams, content, metrics, and statuses.
  • Customize sitemaps

    Custom brand each sitemap project by using premade color schemes or create your own palette. Add client logos for unique presentations.
  • Collaborate and share

    Invite team members to collaborate on projects. Use simultaneous editing, live chat messaging, and project share mode to ensure seamless communication. Integrate with project management tools like Basecamp and Slack.
  • Incorporate SEO metrics

    Integrate Google Analytics data with just one click. Make data-driven decisions that help design optimized journey paths.
  • Site crawler & XML import

    Enter a URL into the site crawler to import the structure of an existing website. Alternatively, use a text file, Google, Wordpress, or Slickplan XML files for sitemap creation.
  • Export sitemaps

    Export sitemaps as images, vector, HTML, DOCX, PDF, CSV, XML, and more. Save time by exporting directly into supported CMS platforms.
Build a sitemap

Content Planner

Great content makes great websites. Slickplan's Content Planner is the perfect way for teams to create, gather, and manage website content in one centralized workspace. Learn more

  • Add & manage content

    Create and upload website content into dynamic blocks. Add rich text, media, metadata, code, instructions, and more. Search, filter, and sort content to quickly find what you need.
  • Page templates

    Create custom or use pre-built templates as guidelines to standardize groups of pages. Page templates allow team members to understand content requirements without any confusion.
  • Plan SEO

    Optimize SEO content directly in Slickplan. Define meta descriptions, titles, URLs, and keywords. Compatible with WordPress Yoast plugin.
  • Collaborate with teams

    Work with multiple contributors, assign work, create production workflows, and set deadlines to build a smooth content strategy.
  • Export & integrate with CMS

    Export content projects as HTML, DOCX, or migrate directly to a content management system with CMS plugins or the Slickplan API. Add CSS hooks and HTML elements in Slickplan so content is pre-defined.
Plan content

Diagram Maker

Create engaging user flow diagrams, plan journey paths, and improve user experience. Visualize, plan, and optimize user interactions to avoid potential website pain points. Learn more

  • Shape libraries

    No matter what your experience level, Slickplan's easy-to-use diagram and flowchart software allows you to drag and drop shapes to any position or size to create all sorts of stunning diagram types. Whether that's user flows, journey paths, wireframes, web pages, org charts, or data visualizations, our library of universally recognized shapes and line connectors will meet your exact requirements. Customize your work further with features like dynamic pages, images, containers, custom text, and in-place editing.
  • Flexible workspaces

    Create elaborate diagrams with any level of detail on a never ending canvas space. Align shapes to perfection with grid view or customize your diagrams with styling features like shape background, border, and text color. Resize shapes to any size and connect them to each other with customizable line connectors. Need to show different user flow solutions? No problem, attach multiple diagrams to the same page.
  • Diagramming collaboration

    Collaborate, brainstorm, and share diagrams with team members or clients from anywhere. Edit projects with collaborators in real-time and see updates reflected instantly. Chat live while working together or create threaded discussions to review and revise later. When you're ready, simply share a link, send it as an email, or post to a collaborative platform like Basecamp, Teamwork, or Slack to present an online preview.
  • Exporting

    Export high resolution diagrams to a variety of simple formats including PDF, PNG, and vector (EPS). Select options like orientation and paper size to customize the layout to your exact specifications. Alternatively, select Slickplan's XML format to save a diagram example that is interchangeable between any account. View diagrams alongside your sitemap and content plans for a complete view of your project.
Create a diagram

Design Mockups

Sharp visuals are an essential ingredient of any web design project. Share wireframes and user interface designs with team members and clients;get quick feedback in real time. Learn more

  • Present & discuss

    Many heads are better than one. Share mockups – from sketches to low fidelity and high fidelity wireframes to the finished UI – gather feedback from team members and clients alike using a dedicated, password-protected preview area (without creating new accounts). Cooperate in real-time to improve user experience with a design tool that can showcase multiple UX and UI solutions on any page. Streamline workflow by keeping communication and ideas in one place during the planning process.
  • Integrated file library

    Digital projects grow quickly. Our advanced file management system – accessible across all Slickplan tools – helps you keep it all organized; images, animations, GIFs, wireframes and files of all types and sizes, safely stored in one collaborative design platform. Your file library is tightly integrated with our Design Mockup tool allowing you to attach unlimited mockups to any page in your project. The filter function ensures you can find exactly what you're looking for – fast.
  • Storage + compatibility

    The design process is visual. Upload, then simply drag and drop, as many images as needed to any page of your sitemap project. Whether you create wireframes in Balsamiq, prototypes in Invision, Adobe XD or Mockplus or use programs like Photoshop or Figma, all file types you use and the tools to create them are welcome. Handoffs are easier when you can inspire clients and stakeholders with a digital whiteboard of UI design examples and screenshots in advance.
Work with mockups

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