Sitemap Builder

Creating sitemaps is an essential part of the website planning and information architecture design process. Slickplan’s sitemap builder allows you to design, edit, share and collaborate professionally with ease.

Create a Sitemap

Visualize website pages and links with a hierarchical sitemap in Slickplan. Drag and drop page cells, representing elements on your site, into their intended position. Easily test a variety of architecture scenarios.

Manage Large Sitemaps

Planning sitemaps for websites large and small is a breeze. Organize pages into collapsible sections so you can easily focus on specific areas at one time.

Page Types, Notes, and Links

Keep all of your descriptive information within the sitemap. Add details to your sitemap: specify the type of page it is, include sitemap notes, and and add URLs and links associated with each page.

Customize Sitemaps

Professionally brand your Slickplan account and sitemap projects by setting color schemes and uploading logos; colorize page cells and text too. Use the batch editor to save time and customize more quickly.

Collaborate and Share

Share your projects with team members and clients for easy collaboration and comments. Use simultaneous editing, live chat messaging, and project HTML view to ensure seamless collaboration.

Export Sitemaps

Slickplan offers a variety of export options for your projects when you are ready. Export your sitemaps to HTML, DOCX, PDF, XML, and more. Save time by exporting directly into supported CMS platforms.

Diagram Maker

Having great user experience design keeps your visitors happy and engaged. Use Slickplan’s diagram maker to plan user interaction, test scenarios, and identify trouble areas within a website.

Create a Diagram

Craft user flow through your website by plotting diagrams with Slickplan. Drag and drop symbols representing elements and key actions. Add connectors to indicate a user’s path from start to finish.

Symbol Library

Our diagram tool features the JJ Garrett symbol library, specifically designed for planning websites and enhancing user experiences. Your diagrams will be beautiful and functional.

Sharing Diagrams

Easily share your diagrams with team members and clients. Send a link, an email, or a post to social media to grant access to your project’s HTML view, which allows for easy reading.


When you are finished, export your diagrams to a variety of formats including PDF, PNG, HTML, DOCX, and more. Export and view diagrams alongside your sitemap and content plans.

Content Planner

Great content makes great websites. Slickplan’s Content Planner is the perfect way to centralize your on-page content gathering and editing, unify content types and layouts, and collaborate with multiple contributors.

Add Content

Plan your webpage content by gathering and organizing your assets in one place. Start by creating content blocks and then add text, media, metadata and more.

Upload Media

Host and organize your files in your content plan so you can assess where the media assets are most relevant, and you can easily share them with others. Easily upload video, audio, PDFs, and any other file type you like.

SEO and CSS Planning

Plan your SEO optimization directly within your content plan. Define meta descriptions, titles, URLs, etc. Assign HTML classes and IDs in your content plan so they are organized when it is time to code CSS.

Page Templates

Use page templates to create consistency between groups of pages. Create a layout guide that allows for pre-planning what content goes where. This features is great when working in a team.

Collaboration and Sharing

Slickplan’s content planner makes sharing and collaboration seamless when you plan ahead. Add contributors, assign work, and create production workflows directly in slickplan.


When you have finished your content, export to DOCX format for easy review and sharing. Export your content directly to a supported CMS platform; auto generate your content, menus and pages instantly.

Design Mockups

Sharp looking visuals completes any web project. Use Slickplan’s Design Mockups to share planning visuals with team members, stakeholders, and clients. Centralize your feedback and versioning.

Upload Image Files

Host design mockup files including wireframes, prototypes, graphical elements and more. Upload single or multiple JPG, PNG, and GIF files. Images can be accessed from your file library or sitemap page attachment.

Share and Discuss

Seamlessly share your design mockups with team members and clients. Gain and centralize essential feedback for each mockup file in one place. You no longer need to use email to send files; contributors can download files to their own computer.

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