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Tyler Parson

Building a visual sitemap played a critical role in laying the groundwork for a compelling user experience and ensured all our page content was on point before we started building and coding. Using your visual sitemap generator allowed us to hone our information architecture, refine the navigation and define the scope of work.

Tyler Parson, Director of Agility at Fifth Third Bank

Why use a visual sitemap generator?

We process information faster visually than any other way, it's why they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

So imagine having an information-rich diagram that gives you a bird's eye view of your entire site, in one place. That's a visual sitemap and that's exactly what our online sitemap generator tool helps you create.

By organizing all the disparate info and pages you're workshopping into a logical top to bottom hierarchy, your website takes shape before your very eyes; from the information silos to the internal links, it's all in full view. Slickplan streamlines the website planning process further with an interactive and collaborative drag and drop interface that lets you incorporate feedback in real-time.

Why use a visual sitemap generator?
  • Create structures

    Build intuitive website hierarchy and test architecture scenarios

    For designers looking to plan an entirely new build or heavy restructuring, starting with a blank canvas or built-in template and breathing life into those ideas from the home page on down is the way to go. For those looking to add pages or perform navigational redesigns, you'll benefit bigtime from auto-generating a sitemap using our specialized visual sitemap creator crawler.
  • Manage large sitemaps

    Simplify complex builds with specialized tools

    Stay focused on specific areas by breaking your sitemap into sub-sitemaps with the section feature – expanding and collapsing whole sections with just a click. Edit multiple sections or page groups simultaneously with batch editor. No matter the scope of the site, the Slickplan editor can auto-size the largest of sitemaps to fit any screen.
  • Add page attributes

    Metadata matters, use the properties panel to ensure you’re not missing anything

    The value of a visual sitemap generator goes to the next level when you can add more layers of information to it. Our visual sitemap builder allows you to attach page notes, page types, wireframes, analytics data, design images and more directly to the sitemap page cells. Avoid files and info showing up in the wrong places and instead rely on a centralized repository for the entire website plan. Storing supplemental information about each page directly in your visual sitemap is organizational bliss, especially for larger sites.
  • Customize sitemaps

    Use custom styles to improve understandability

    Make your sitemap understandable at a glance by personalizing any part of it, from background color to border color to line connections. Stylize sitemap projects, making them unique to your brand or your client's by uploading logos, applying premade color schemes or creating custom color themes. Use our design tools to combine form and function when working on information architecture.
  • Collaborate and share

    Many hands make light work

    Expedite website planning by inviting team members, clients, contractors and other stakeholders to collaborate. With simultaneous editing, real time chat and messaging as well as integrations with project management tools like Basecamp and Slack you'll be sprinting towards the finish line. Add in our cloud-based share mode where you can deliver read-only previews to clients for review & built-in feedback and it's off to the races for launch.
  • Incorporate SEO metrics

    SEO is the difference between being found and floundering

    You can build the perfect sitemap but if your SEO isn't on point, will your target audience find you? With Slickplan you can build SEO-focused website structures by connecting your Google Analytics accounts in order to make data-driven decisions based on real performance metrics. Reference the data to enhance the user journey, information architecture and content for search engines. Identify and eliminate broken links early, right inside your sitemap project.
  • Site crawler & XML import

    Import an exact visual representation of a current website structure

    Our popular site crawler does the heavy lifting to automatically crawl for key information including file/directory names, H1 tags, page titles, URLs, robots.txt file and meta descriptions. Simply enter a URL and let Slickplan take care of the rest, delivering you a precise representation of your site's structure. Pretty sweet. Other import options include; Google XML (sitemap.xml file), WordPress XML, Slickplan XML sitemap or text files. Once imported, you can immediately start making edits or redesigns to the sitemap.
  • Export sitemaps

    Get to publishing faster by making the handoff to your developer a breeze

    Time is money and making the transition from planning to development is great for webmasters, developers and the rest of your stakeholders. Export Slickplan projects directly to a CMS using our pre-built CMS plugins (WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, ExpressionEngine and Concrete5) or the developer API. Migrate your content, HTML elements and CSS hooks. Export sitemap files as PDF, image screenshots or vectors in different sizes and orientations or HTML, DOCX, CSV and TXT formats.
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