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Developing an Information Architecture with Card Sorting

Instructor: U1 Group U1 Group

So, you’ve heard of information architecture, but don’t know how to create one?  This quick course will teach you how to choose the appropriate navigational structure for your site using card sorting. In 14 easy to follow lessons, you will learn how to conduct both in person and online card sorting and use it to create IA.

About the Instructor

U1 Group

U1 Group U1 Group

U1 Group is an Australian consultancy group that helps businesses improve their user experience. Its owners are experts in psychology and research and share a passion for technology. Their clients include retail organizations such as Woolworths and academic organizations such as the Swinburne University of Technology. They also offer a course on web accessibility via

About this course

Card sorting helps information architects determine the optimal navigational structure for their sites. The practice engages users, either in person or online, with the help of computer software, to gather information about how they would use a website or other digital product. Card sorting is an essential step in information architecture, as it identifies what resonates with the intended user. When utilized it improves the overall customer experience.

Web designers should administer card sorting before creating any information architecture. Card sorting helps designers visualize the relationship between the user and the content, identify nonresponsive content, map out optimal navigation paths and use language that is appropriate to the user. There are two methods of performing card sorting – this course explains both.

Developing an Information Architecture with Card Sorting includes 14 lectures specifically on the topic of card sorting. Participants start with a brief introduction but quickly jump into a discussion on how to create their cards. The instructors even provide an excel spreadsheet template to help students organize their cards before moving on to the next step. From there the course quickly progresses to the process of card sorting. Students learn how to recruit participants, facilitate the process and analyze their results. The course also teaches how to administer an online card sort using OptimalSort.

Creating and analyzing a card sort is only the first step toward optimal information architecture. This course also explains how to use card sorting to develop information architecture. For those that prefer doing over listening, there are numerous templates along the way. Students are able to work at their own pace, creating their cards and administering the card sorting process. They then use that data to create their information architecture.

Developing an Information Architecture with Card Sorting is an course. This website hosts thousands of technology and design courses online for on-demand learning on a variety of topics. Udemy courses are available for download and include a certificate of completion. Courses are sold as individual products, and a subscription is not required to access course content later. All classes come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

The instructor of Developing an IA with Card Sorting is Joji Mori, a usability expert, and teacher. The Australian-based consultant teaches the course in conjunction with U1 Group, a consultancy group based out of Melbourne. Joji Mori is a known speaker on user experience, in addition to his teaching qualifications, he has ten years' experience in usability design. This is his only Udemy course.

This course features one-hours' worth of straightforward, yet illustrated slides, as well as helpful downloadable templates. It is designed for those with experience creating websites but is most suitable for usability professionals, information architects, web designers and content managers.










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What I Will Learn

Why We Recommend This IA Course

The process of card sorting can be confusing for many. This course covers the basics of card sorting, from creating the cards to analyzing the results. It is straightforward and no-fluff, but you will learn what you need to know, plus they provide templates to help you along. If you understand IA but need a quick and practical way to learn how to card sort, this course will get anyone started.

Course Requirements / Prerequisites

This course is appropriate for those with web design experience or basic knowledge of web design.

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