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Information Architecture Course for Application and Web Design

Do you like learning new information in chunks? If you can set aside a Friday, American Graphics Institute can teach you about information architecture. This all-day course immerses professional creators in the details of information architecture, while also preparing them for future instruction as part of their UX certification track. This class helps you become an expert in IA, one day at a time.

About this course

This full-day information architecture course is offered by the American Graphics Institute. In the space of one work day, you will develop a strong foundation in user experience design, so that you can create websites that are easy for your customers and other clients to use.

This course teaches you how to understand how different pages within your site relate to each other, and how to organize all of the information on your site in a way that makes it consistent and predictable for even a first-time visitor to your website.

You will learn how to assess the content you already have, and determine what needs to be added. You'll think about what the purpose of your site, and how your content relates to the other content that people will be looking for so that you can create a website that is easy to navigate. Once you have determined the needed content, the course will dive into how to organize your pages with a clear navigational structure, and how to create clues that will help people navigate your website easily.

The course will begin will an overview of information architecture, so that you can understand the importance of it and the difference between flat and hierarchical structures. Then you will learn about personas, user stories, and flows, and how you can use those to create the features that will be most useful for your website. The class will also teach you about best practices for information architecture so that you can create a user experience based on research. You will learn how to prioritize user needs, and establish a clear purpose for your UX.

Once you understand the foundation of information architecture and navigational design, the class will discuss techniques for creating that design. That includes whiteboarding, card sorting, and sitemaps. Each of these methods has a unique benefit and are appropriate for different situations. In this class, you will learn which is right for each type of site.

Finally, you will learn how to test your information architecture, through observation and prototyping.

By the end of the class, you will have all the skills needed to dramatically improve the navigability of existing websites or to create a brand-new site from scratch. In the modern world, every single business needs to have a high-quality website, because potential customers will almost always visit your website before they decide to do business with you. Even if your products or services have nothing to do with web design, a confusing website is going to push them towards using a competitor instead. When your site is quick and simple to use, that will give them a great first impression and help your business be more profitable.










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Why We Recommend This IA Course

The American Graphics Institute provides training for those in the design, marketing and publishing industries. Their courses are taught by full-time instructors and are tailored toward those working in the industry. This May 2018 course is part of their UX certification track, making it a good step toward mastery of the topic.

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