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Navigation Design

Instructor: Garrett Goldfield Nielsen Norman Group

Need an intensive course in navigation design? Nielsen Norman Group can teach you what you need to know in a single day. Attend one of their worldwide conferences, or have them come to you by scheduling an in-person training. This day-long course teaches busy working professionals how to build easy to navigate sites that deliver results.

About the Instructor

Garrett Goldfield

Garrett Goldfield User Experience Specialist, Nielsen Norman Group

Garrett Goldfield is a speaker, writer, and user experience consultant for Nielsen Norman Group. Prior to his time there, he helped create user-focused experiences at Intuit and worked with General Electric in their information system division. Garrett conducts research on the topics of ethnographic user studies, usability testing, and contextual inquiry.

About this course

Have you ever found yourself on a website that feels like a maze? Where you just can't seem to find your way to the content you're looking for, so you give up and move on to a competitor instead? Even if the business' product has nothing to do with creating websites, you assume that they won't pay attention to detail and do good work for you.

You certainly don't want that to happen to your business. Good navigation can go a long way towards making a good impression on your clients. Navigation Design by the Neilsen Norman Group helps professionals learn how to make easy-to-navigate sites so that they never have to worry about losing customers over poor web design.

This course teaches the fundamentals of good web navigation. It starts with an overview of the purpose of navigation, where the instructors will help you understand why it's essential to have a clear navigation structure. They will also cover details of navigation design, such as orientation, route selection, and arrival.

It's very common for clients to request beautiful and impressive web designs, but often those designs aren't actually easy for people to navigate. This class teaches professionals how to explain the importance of user-friendly navigation to people who are more concerned with beauty than function.

Once there is an understanding of the overview of navigation design, the class dives into its role within the user experience system. The instructors explain the different components of navigation, as well as when to use them. By the end, students understand the most common attributes of effective navigation.

This class will also cover navigation as a global system – covering placement, orientation, and behavior. It will explain the different required factors for bringing together a functioning system, such as tables, static links, roll-overs, flyouts, and cascades. Participants learn when to use horizontal and when to use vertical orientation, and why.

This day-long interactive lecture will cover many other aspects of navigation, including parent, child, and sibling pages and mini navigation between them. There are important variations in navigation for e-commerce, and those will be covered in this course as well. Related links and tag clouds are also essential aspects of navigation and discovery.

This course also discusses search - an integral part of how many people navigate websites. Instead of using links, many site visitors simple type what they're looking for into the search bar. This course teaches its participants how to integrate search and browse. Finally, the instructors explain how to create a site structure so that everything hangs together solidly. Students learn about sitemaps, breadcrumbs, pagination, and spatial navigation.

By the end of this course, students can create a clear and simple navigation system for any website and site visitors will never get lost.










1 days





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Why We Recommend This IA Course

Expert instructors and a full day dedicated to navigation design make this course an excellent choice for professionals that want to quickly increase their skills. Best of all, this course is offered at Nielsen Norman Group’s worldwide conferences, so participants can gain even more than a greater understanding of navigation design.

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