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UX Design Fundamentals: Everything You Need to Know (and More)

Instructor: Joe Natoli

Want a complete overview of UX design? Joe Natoli will teach you everything you need to know. In his Skillshare course, you will receive an exhaustive overview of UX design fundamentals in plain language. Spend a few hours learning all the good stuff, and skip all of the extras.

About the Instructor

Joe Natoli

Joe Natoli

Joe Natoli uses an informal approach to teaching designers and developers complex UX topics. His Skillshare course teaches creators how to integrate user experience, user interface, and customer experience into the websites that they already have. He also works as a UX consultant, helping both industry and business clients create websites that get great results.

About this course

UX Design Fundamentals: Everything You Need to Know is made up of 53 videos that last 12 hours. That means you can rush your way through the entire course in less than two work days or can take your time with it in order to allow the information to fully sink in over the course of a longer time period.

This class will teach you all of the fundamental knowledge that you need to create usable and valuable websites and apps. A great user experience only happens when a wide range of concepts are integrated – that includes design, information architecture, and more. This class helps you learn how to incorporate all of those factors into beautiful projects and sites.

The course isn't just about theory either. When you finish, you will also have completed a few exercises that let you practice the skills learned.

Most user experience designers are focused too narrowly on a single aspect of UX. UX Design Fundamentals: Everything You Need to Know is excellent for any business owner or designer who wants to build a website that fulfills all of their needs. You will learn how to integrate all of the different aspects of great web design to create a website or smartphone app that is easy for people to use and understand.

When a website is difficult to use, it pushes customers away. People do not have very much patience for a site that is difficult to navigate, so they will leave and use a competitor's service instead. That might seem like an overreaction, especially if your business has nothing to do with web services, but it is the truth of doing business in the modern world.

This course believes that user experience is not a part of the web design process. In fact, it's the entire process. You should be thinking about the experience of the end user at every point along the design process so that you build a product with their ease of use in mind. By the time you have completed this course, you will learn to think first about the end user when you make every decision.

The instruction in this course is similar to what you can expect to receive from private consultation with the instructor. Outside of this course, he also consults design and development teams and has also taught to almost 50,000 students so far. When you have completed the class, you will be able to either create a brand-new website or redesign your existing site in a way that will improve your customer experience and improve your business' profitability in turn. Just twelve hours of time watching these videos could pay major dividends in your web presence for years to come.










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Why We Recommend This IA Course

Everything You Need to Know by Joe Natoli lives up to its name. In just 12 hours you’ll learn the fundamentals of UX design, and thanks to his method of teaching, you’ll understand it as well. This course is a must try for anyone looking to learn the basics all in one class.

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