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The Certified Knowledge Specialist Information Architecture

Knowledge Management Institute - USA

Are you looking for a quick way to build a strong base of knowledge in Information Architecture? Want to grow your knowledge to help your company or seek a new job? The Certified Knowledge Specialist program in Information Architecture may be the perfect IA program for your personal and professional goals.




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About This Program

As the world moves farther into the Information Age, more and more data is accumulated. That means Information Architects are in high demand. People with a knowledge of how to manage and organize data, as well as how to make accessing it easier, are being hired by corporations, nonprofits, and governments. With a foundation in IA, students will be able to pursue the career of their dreams.

The Certified Knowledge Specialist program (CKS) offered by the Knowledge Management Institute provides a quick pathway to certification in less than a week. The certification track includes pre-class learning modules on knowledge management essentials, followed by a deep dive into information architecture. The introductory information architecture class teaches the basics. After completing this preliminary class, students will know how to manage information for their business.

Following the foundational information architecture class, students then take a deeper dive into Information Architecture. This includes topics on user interfaces, search analysis, information classification, and records management. These courses give students the background that they need to manage the data for their organization. Students can choose from online classes or in-person classes. In person, classes are taught in various cities worldwide or can be arranged to be offered on-site for groups of at least 10 people. Classes need to be booked at least 30 days ahead of time.

This IA program includes a two-day master class session during which time the professional instructors help students build a strong foundation in Information Architecture, in addition to the foundational course. In this course, students learn about taxonomy, metadata, keywords, and big data analytics. At the end of the class, students take an online exam and become a Certified Knowledge Specialist if they earn a score of at least 70%. Upon certification, students are listed in the alumni registry and are invited to the private Linkedin Group.

This certification track is ideal for content managers, UX designers, search analyst and content curators. It is also appropriate preparation for those working with Big Data, IoT, or those wanting to transition to information architecture from a background in library science.

After completing this information architecture program, students continue to have access to the KMI Knowledge Hub. The KMI Knowledge Hub provides continuous learning via training videos. Students also have access to previous courses as well as any new content. Additionally, Hub members are the first to know about new course offerings.

For those looking for intensive workshops, KMI offers a four-day program that includes the introductory course and master class. The intensive workshop also includes complimentary breakfast and lunch, as well as a Happy Hour at the beginning of the session. The program costs $2695. Payment is required in advance and can be done online.

About This School

The Knowledge Management Institute is the world's most recognized organization for providing knowledge management certification. It has been in business since 2001 and has helped countless professionals improve their skills and grow their businesses. In addition to their online offerings, they deliver classes in 15 countries worldwide each year.

What I Will Learn

Why We Recommend This IA School Program

Why take a year, when you can get certified in a week? This information architecture program takes a streamlined approach to IA education and is appropriate for most content managers and UX designers. Learn online, or enjoy a week learning and networking with other professionals. You’re sure to gain the connections and knowledge that you need with this program.

Course Requirements / Prerequisites

The CKS program is open to any interested professional, although people who have already taken a Knowledge Management Institute course may take a shorter version of the course because they have already learned the basics of the Institute’s instruction.

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