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Doctor of Information and Interaction Design

University of Baltimore - Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Want to prepare for a career in information architecture as well as one in research? Information and Interaction Design at the University of Baltimore is a great way to do so. This program is a part of Baltimore's Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences, a school that combines academia with practical training.




4 Years









About This Program

Graduates from this IA program will be qualified as researchers and designers who will use their understanding of human behavior to quantify and create ideal interfaces and interactive design on a variety of platforms and for numerous scenarios. It is a special program in that it includes a focus on how to design for specialized audiences such as those with low literacy skills (including children), older adults, and those who require technology assistance.

As a doctorate program that allows for evening, weekend, and online IA classes, the D.S. of Information and Interaction Design is one of the most accessible programs out there for those who cannot dedicate a full, daytime schedule to their IA education. Students will deepen their preexisting knowledge in web design, mobile web design, UX design, interaction design, and much more.

Students will deepen their information architecture education through the courses offered in this program. There are 24 required credits, in which a couple of choices may be made. Additionally required are 12 elective credits (to be selected by the student) and 12 dissertation credits. Students who start the program without the full prerequisites will also have to take additional courses in those areas.

The core courses may include Interaction and Interface Design; Designing for Mobile Web; Humans, Computers, and Cognition; Research Methods for Interaction Design; Intermediate Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences; Managing UX Projects; Methods for User Research; and Proseminar. Four additional courses will be selected (along with the dissertation) to complete the degree.

These IA classes are offered during weekends, evenings, and sometimes over the summer. Some courses can also be accessed online. Students are required to have passed the Hypermedia Proficiency Exam, or else they must take Introduction to Web Development and pass with at least a B. Prerequisites include education or experience in information or interface design, visual design, professional writing, and research. Any missing subjects will be addressed with added courses.

The topics of courses include a wide breadth of IA classes, including user research, computer science, library science, cognitive psychology, and interaction design. Students become especially good at understanding human behavior in relation to technology, which allows them to design for any type of specialized audience. Students who graduate will be experts in conducting research and evaluating studies, as well as directly performing interaction design.

Students are only admitted to this IA program to start the fall semester. April 1st is the deadline for application. Applying early is generally encouraged, as it could allow for additional scholarships and other opportunities. Out-of-state students must pay $1,091 per credit for tuition. This fee does not include additional fees, which could come out to about $280 per 3-credit course.

About This School

The University of Baltimore (UB) is in located in the heart of the city of Baltimore. The total enrollment of this public university is currently 5,565, with 2,949 undergraduate students and 1,884 graduate students. The Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences, which celebrated its 80th year in 2017, strives to address modern issues through a framework of ethics and critical thinking

What I Will Learn

Why We Recommend This IA School Program

This doctoral Information architecture program is one of our favorites because it focuses on UX design for special populations. Designed for those who already hold a master’s degree in a degree related to design, writing or research, this program is the logical next step for a professional career in usability design or advanced training in usability research.

Course Requirements / Prerequisites

Applicants must have a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution as well as a Master's degree in a field that is related to the Doctoral program. The Master's degree must have included a minimum 3.2 GPA.

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