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Graduate Certificate in Interaction Design

University of Queensland - St. Lucia, Queensland, Australia

Do you have a computer science degree but want to learn more about usability? The graduate certificate in interaction design adds practical usability training to your technical know-how. Learn human-centered design as a method of solving usability problems. With this IA program, you can become a certified UX expert in just a few months.




6 Months









About This Program

The field of usability is relatively new. For many years, usability was not needed because only specialists interacted with technology. They learned and mastered the “code” to make things work. Nowadays everyone is using technology - not just the specialists. Therefore, information architecture programs need to teach creators how to design for everyone. This graduate certificate in interaction design is one of those programs.

The Graduate Certificate in Interaction Design is offered by the University of Queensland in St. Lucia. This post-graduate IA program can be completed in only 6 months if taken full time. Students may also choose a part-time option over the course of a year. The certificate requires the completion of 8 units. Individual classes are worth 2, 4 and 6 units.

Although some students may take only two classes to complete this certificate program, the possibilities are nearly endless. This information architecture program offers more than 25 classes to choose from. Almost half of those classes may be used as required courses, while the remaining classes are electives in graphic design, computer systems, and digital health.

The required courses for this information architecture program are divided into two tracks. One track, the compulsory section, represents classes that teach the foundations of UX design. Some courses in this section include Design Thinking, Introduction to Web Design and Digital Prototyping. These classes teach user-focused thinking and design techniques.

The second track of the required courses is dedicated to practical applications. Students choose from completing a project in the design studio or writing a master's thesis. In the design studio, students create a software-based system with a class dedicated to specific aspects of the project. Students may utilize the build or proposal portion of their project as academic credit. For the Master's thesis, students create an individual project that demonstrates their mastery of interaction design.

The Graduate Certificate in Interaction Design is not offered online. Instead, this information architecture program takes place on the university's campus in St. Lucia, Queensland, Australia. International students are encouraged to apply, but there are strict requirements for students from China and India. The University also has a higher IELTS requirement than other Australian options. Applicants must have at least a 6.5.

The University of Queensland Australia includes this certificate program in their college (faculty) of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology. It is not intended for those with a background in design as applicants must have a bachelor's degree in something other than interaction design, user experience design or multimedia design. Applicants with some college experience and relevant work experience may apply and are considered on a case by case basis. Graduates of this information architecture program may qualify for inclusion in the Australian computer society.

About This School

The University of Queensland is an internationally known research university in northeastern Australia. In addition to its ten faculties (colleges), the school also hosts eight research institutes and is leading the way in groundbreaking studies. The university has three main campuses: St. Lucia, Gatton and Herston and offers online MOOCs through

What I Will Learn

Why We Recommend This IA School Program

This graduate option adds indisputable prestige to any IT degree. For those that already know technology, but need a solid foundation in usability design, it is six months of your life well spent. Plus, you get to live in St. Lucia, a beautiful suburb of Brisbane, while you design in one of the best research institutes in the world. We think this is definitely not a bad way to learn UX design.

Course Requirements / Prerequisites

A Bachelor’s degree in a non-design discipline. A Bachelor’s degree in computer science or IT is preferred. Relevant postsecondary coursework and work experience considered. 6.5 on the IELTS for international; applicants.

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