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Maitrise en Design Multimedia

Laval University, School of Design - Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Are you looking for an IA program that combines art and technology to train designers of video games, multimedia, mobile applications, and more? The Masters in Design - Interactive Design is ideal for you if you hold a Bachelor’s degree in a field related to any kind of design, or if you have relevant experience.




3 Years









About This Program

Graduates of the Masters in Design - Interactive Design program at Laval University have a high chance of finding a job in their field once they graduate. Students who already are in or would like to enter the job force as a designer, project manager, interface designer, UX designer, IA architect, ergonomist, scriptwriter, project manager, teacher, or any other kind of similar position will find this to be a valuable information architecture program.

Graduates of the Interactive Design program will be specialists in interactive and interface design. Their gained skills from the information architecture education, web and mobile design training, and others. This Master's program takes place during the daytime and on weekdays as an intensive 3-session study (from September through June) for the full-time program. Nevertheless, students have the option of choosing a part-time schedule and taking a longer amount of time.

Students may select an area of expertise from the following options: Interactive Design, Interface Design (Web, Systems, and Applications), Information Architecture and Information Design, Cognitive Ergonomics (Evaluation, Design, and Prospection), Social Design, Graphic Design and Visualization of Information, and Web Writing.

Courses are focused on being practical and fundamental, thus preparing students for work within the field of Information Architecture or other design-related fields. During the three full-time sessions of study, courses will include the previously mentioned specializations as well as information architecture classes such as Preparation of the Interactive Design Test, Web Information Architecture, Theories and Foundations of Design, Interface Designer Profession, and more.

The course is 45 credits in total and provides the successful student with a Master of Arts at the end. Located in Montreal, all courses within the Master of Arts in Interactive Design program are in French, and all the coursework is to be completed in French as well. Therefore, students must have a demonstrated knowledge of the French language. Applicants must also include a resume and a letter of intent with their application.

The selection process for this information architecture program is selective, and having all the requirements above will not guarantee successful admittance. The program director will individually read each application, taking into consideration the applicant's previous experience and academic record, as well as the capacity of the school itself to take on and support the student in his or her academic endeavors.

The application deadlines vary according to where the applicant is from, but generally speaking, the deadline for regular admission to the fall semester is February 1st of that year. This applies to foreign students, while Canadian students have until March 1st to apply for regular admission. Foreign master's students can expect to pay around $28,000 per year for tuition plus housing and food, or $1,708 per course (3 credits). Tuition without room and board costs $13,661.52 per year currently.

About This School

The Laval University School of Design is located in the center of Quebec City in the La Fabrique Building, along with the School of Visual Arts, and boasts a 90% rate of graduates getting a career in their field. Hands-on workshops and state-of-the-art laboratories are just a couple of the benefits of getting your information architecture education at the School of Design.

What I Will Learn

Why We Recommend This IA School Program

Parlez-Vous Francais? If so, this competitive master’s in design program may give your design career the edge it needs. Located in Canada, this program prepares designers for careers in usability design including video game and mobile design. If you are a top francophone designer that is looking to upgrade your expertise, this program is waiting for you.

Course Requirements / Prerequisites

To be accepted, students must have a Bachelor’s degree in a related field with a GPA of at least 3.0. Previous knowledge in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator is required, as well as a demonstrated knowledge of French.

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