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Master of Library and Information Science

Wayne State University - Detroit, Michigan, USA

A Master of Library and Information Science from Wayne State University is geared towards students looking for an information architecture program, who specifically want to be leaders in the information sciences field. This program focuses on the foundational knowledge needed for just about any kind of career in the information sciences.




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About This Program

Students will find themselves well-prepared for a career in Information Architecture if they enroll in this masters-level IA program. The information management specialization within this degree program will prepare students to become software developers, information professionals, database administrators, instructional designers, content strategists, and more. Students specializing in Archives & Digital Content Management could find themselves working as a digital librarian, a digital media specialist, a data curator, and so on.

A Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) at Wayne State University is an excellent way to jumpstart your Information Architecture career. The program can be fully completed online, with a few classes also offered in person. Students will learn to critically analyze and synthesize information and the interactions of people with various forms of information. They will gain deep theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills for working in their field.

All students in the Master of Library and Information Science program must complete the main core courses, which total six courses altogether. These “Common Core” courses are Introduction to the Information Profession, Information Technology, Access to Information, Organization of Knowledge, Library Administration and Management (or School Library Media Programs), and Research for the Information Profession. Students wanting to take the School Library class must already possess a valid teaching license.

There are three topic areas that a student in this program may decide to specialize in. They are library services, information management, and archives and digital content management. Each specialization comes with its own set of classes; however, the specialization is not included in your diploma. Therefore, it is more for the knowledge acquired rather than to receive some kind of accreditation in that field of focus.

To successfully complete the MLIS program at Wayne State University, students must finish up a total of 36 credits (and all must be graduate level). 18 credits should come from the IS (information sciences) core, and 18 should be in a specialization of the student's choosing. Depending on the courses, up to 6 credits could come from another department.

Those looking for an Information Architecture program should likely specialize in Information Management. This specialization can even be focused further, giving students the choice to focus on Software Tools, Web-based Information Services, Health Informatics and Data Management, Data Analytics, or User Experience. User Experience is especially relevant for an IA program, although all of the courses have useful merits for a future Information Architect.

The MLIS has an accreditation stemming back to the 1960s from the ALA (American Library Association). Accreditation from your university is key when applying for jobs, especially in North America. Online students receive in-state tuition, as do residents of Ohio or Ontario. The 2017 in-state cost was $741.62 per credit hour, and the out-of-state cost was $1,486.68 per credit hour. Other registration fees and student service fees also apply.

About This School

Wayne State University is located in Detroit, Michigan. The university's goal is for its students to make a positive impact locally and globally with the education they have received. The university has been accredited since 1915 and offers online-based degrees. The School of Information Sciences prides itself on diversity and relevance.

What I Will Learn

Why We Recommend This IA School Program

If you are looking for a graduate level, IA program that is flexible and covers multiple aspects of information science, Wayne State is a great choice. This accredited program provides an affordable masters-level online degree where you can focus on the field of your choice, whether it is librarianship, data or knowledge management, or usability.

Course Requirements / Prerequisites

Applicants should possess an undergraduate degree with a GPA of at least 3.0, although there are alternate application methods for those with a lower GPA.

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