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Master of Science Computer Science: Information Architecture

Delft University of Technology - Delft, The Netherlands

Located in the lovely country of The Netherlands, Delft University offers a top-notch Information Architecture program with its Master of Science in Computer Science. The Information Architecture education is a "special program" within the degree, Students receive a note on their diploma stating that they have specialized in an Information Architecture program.




2 Years









About This Program

Computer Science is an extremely relevant field everywhere and, with a focus on Information Architecture, students will be highly prepared to enter either the public or the private sector. As far as computer scientists go, information architects are the cream of the crop. Graduates of this IA program will, therefore, find themselves working wherever they want, whether it is for a governmental agency, a non-profit, or a private company.

Because this IA program is technically a Computer Science degree with a specialization in Information Architecture, it is an excellent way to gain the computer and web knowledge you need to be a truly effective information architect. The program will cover topics such as the semantic web, analysis, and simulation of complex organizations, business intelligence, web engineering, and a lot more.

Two potential tracks allow students to complete the Information Architecture program: either the Software Technology track or the Data Science & Technology track.

Students in this IA program have seven courses that they are required to take, and they have a few options for their three other courses. The core compulsory IA classes include Web Science & Engineering, Information Retrieval, Web Data Management, Complex Systems Engineering, Managing Multi-actor Decision Making, Architecture Design, and Service Design.

After that, students must choose two courses from these three options: Distributed Algorithms, Advanced Algorithms, or Software Algorithms. Then they must decide to take either a seminar on Web Information Systems or Literature Survey.

This IA program is designed to be done in person (in the Netherlands) on a full-time basis. It begins only in the fall (in September, to be exact), and will take 24 months to be completed. At the end of their studies, students will be required to complete a Master thesis. This thesis should be done at the WIS research group, and although that is not an official requirement, it is the preferred place and method for thesis research of this kind.

Throughout their studies, students will learn how to bridge the gap between business and technology, learning to design top-notch information architecture that provides an ideal user experience. The courses will also give them the depth of knowledge in computer science they will undoubtedly find useful – something that is not always offered in IA programs.

The cost of tuition at Delft University of Technology depends on the student's country of citizenship. If he or she is from an EU country or EFTA country, the tuition rate is approximately 2,000 Euros ($2,450 USD at the time of writing). Students from other countries who have not been given a specific Dutch grant will have to pay about 15,000 Euros ($18,300 at the time of writing). Some other exceptions apply. The application deadline is April 1st for the fall semester.

About This School

The Delft University of Technology is located in the lovely city of Delft in the Netherlands. TU Delft is one of the top 800 universities in the world. It ranks especially high in its engineering and technology programs. They offer many programs and opportunities for students to get involved in the Delft life – even before they begin studying!

What I Will Learn

Why We Recommend This IA School Program

If you have an IT degree and are an EU citizen, the Master of Science in Computer Science with Information Architecture specialization will significantly further your opportunities. Although the program is open to international students, the tuition is reduced dramatically for European students. This highly ranked program is extremely affordable. EU residents with a Bachelor’s in computer science can earn a master’s with IA specialization for less than $5,000.

Course Requirements / Prerequisites

Applicants should have a background in computer science-related topics and skills. Ideally, they will have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or Computer Engineering. Certain requirements also exist for international students.

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