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Master of Science in Human Computer Interaction

Georgia Tech - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Are you looking for a master’s level IA program that will teach you the theory behind human-computer interaction and show how to implement that theory in the real world? At Georgia Tech, the Master of Science in Human Computer Interaction is focused on labs, internships, projects, and hands-on knowledge, so that graduates are ready to take on professional projects.




2 Years









About This Program

Students in the HCI Master's program develop both practical skills and theoretical knowledge in design, implementation, and evaluation of human-computer interaction. Technology is playing an ever-larger role in our world, and graduates who understand this are highly sought-after employees. Alumni of this information architecture program have been hired to work for companies around the globe in major roles.

This is a unique interdisciplinary IA program developed collaboratively by four different schools at Georgia Tech. These four schools are Industrial Design, Interactive Computing, Psychology, and Literature, Media, and Communication. Students can enter through any of the four units, and will usually specialize in an area related to the unit they entered through.

The program requires 36 credit hours, and most students take four semesters to complete their degree. Every graduate takes the same three core courses: Human-Computer Interaction, Psychology Research Methods for HCI, and a Professional Practice Seminar. Then, students take 3-4 courses in their specialization (Interactive Computing, Digital Media, Industrial Design, or Psychology). In addition to those required classes, students can choose from a wide range of electives, including architecture, interactive computing, public policy, and international affairs. If an IA class that students are interested in is not listed as an elective option, they can ask their advisor to approve the course – making this information architecture program a highly flexible way for students to achieve their own goals.

This IA program is deeply focused on providing real-world experiences that graduates can take into the professional world. This means that all students participate in numerous labs, providing hands-on design experience. Every student also completes a masters research project, either as an individual or with a partner. When this project is completed, the student will have created a proposal, a final report, a presentation, and artifacts. The program also focuses on helping graduates get jobs and has great relationships with many employers. Every winter, the school hosts the “reverse job fair,” where students show off their work and employers attend to recruit potential employees.

Georgia Tech is a great place to pursue HCI studies, because of the many students working in this and related areas, including Digital Media, Engineering Psychology, Human-Centered Computing, and Music Technology. Students have the opportunity to learn both from the faculty in the HCI program as well as the faculty and students in all of these related programs, creating a rich intellectual environment.

Students from a wide range of backgrounds are encouraged to apply to the HCI Masters program. Many students have professional experience in the field before enrolling in the program and have worked for anywhere from one to 15 years. Cohorts begin only in the fall semester. Tuition for this program is $7,894 per semester for a full-time in-state resident and $17,418 per semester for a full-time out-of-state resident.

About This School

The Georgia Institute of Technology, commonly referred to as Georgia Tech, is a public university located in Atlanta, Georgia. It was founded in 1885, originally only offering degrees in mechanical engineering. Today, it has evolved into an expansive research university offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in a wide range of subjects.

What I Will Learn

Why We Recommend This IA School Program

How humans interact with technology is the foundation for usability studies, making this master’s program the ideal preparation for a career in this field. Even if you do not have a technical undergraduate degree, you can still study at this top technical university. If you do, you’ll gain up-to-date training on an exciting, and in-demand topic.

Course Requirements / Prerequisites

Applicants should have an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0. Applicants also need to take the GRE and score in the 80th percentile or higher on each of the three subtests.

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