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Master of Science in Human Computer Interaction

Indiana University - Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Are you looking for a career that lets you enrich the lives of people around you using technology? The MS in Human-Computer Interaction Design from Indiana University teaches students how to build interactive tools and systems that are easy to use, facilitate communication, and augment learning. After graduating, you’ll be able to create the kinds of digital tools that make life better for their users.




2 Years









About This Program

Computers are becoming a more and more integral part of the professional world, which means that companies need to consider how their human employees interact with these tools. With an MS in Human-Computer Interaction Design from School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University, graduates will be excellent candidates for these roles of the future. Graduates from this information architecture program have been hired at companies such as eBay, Yahoo!, Uber, Microsoft, and IBM.

This IA program is designed with three career goal themes. These are Interaction Design, Design Strategies, and Research, Scholarship, & Creative Activity. All students will take courses related to all of these themes, and then most will choose one to emphasize in their studies. Interaction Design will appeal to students who are interested in designing interfaces. Design Strategies will appeal to students who want to manage consultancies, and Research, Scholarship, & Creative Activity is appropriate for students interested in pursuing academia. Students are not expected to know which track they would like to pursue when beginning the program and will have the opportunity to explore their options.

There are both required coursework and electives in this information architecture program. The required courses include Foundations of HCI/d, Prototyping, Interaction Design Practice, Visual Thinking, Interaction Design Methods, and a Capstone course. Recommended electives include Rapid Design for Slow Change, Graphics & Diagramming, Mobile and Pervasive Computing, and Visual Foundations of HCI/d. There are also a number of undergraduate courses in HCI/d which are cross-listed with graduate classes. The range of courses available means that students can design their own information architecture program by working with their advisor.

This information architecture program consists of 36 credit hours, which is typically taken over two consecutive years, with students taking three courses at a time. Students will be a part of a cohort and will take different classes at different times depending on their cohort. Near the end of their time in the IA degree program, all students complete a capstone project, which involves designing a real-world user experience that ties into their personal career goals.

Master's degree students at Indiana University have the opportunity to attend weekly seminars with distinguished faculty and other experts. There are a wide range of topics available, and they all provide students with the opportunity to broaden and deepen their knowledge. All students are encouraged to participate in both Honors seminars and HCI/d seminars.

Applications to the MS in MCI/d for the fall semester are due January 1. Applicants should compile a portfolio of their prior work, which could include website design, interaction design, writing samples, published papers, prototypes, or curricular materials. Students without a background in HCI/d are strongly encouraged to apply, and to compile a portfolio – in the form of a single PDF – that shows their personal talents.

About This School

Indiana University is the public university system of the state of Indiana, with more than 110,000 students enrolled across eight different campuses, each of which is an accredited institution. The two main campuses are located in Indianapolis and Bloomington. The system was established in 1820.

What I Will Learn

Why We Recommend This IA School Program

This IA program provides a solid academic foundation in user-focused design through instruction in human computer interaction. Designed for creatives, this program welcomes applicants from a variety of backgrounds, as long as they can show work samples that demonstrate their readiness. In just two years, your creative expertise will be augmented by a master’s degree from a reputable university.

Course Requirements / Prerequisites

Applicants from a range of backgrounds are encouraged to apply. They are required to submit a portfolio of prior work in the form of a single PDF on letter-size paper.

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