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Master of Science Human Factors in Information Design

Bentley University - Waltham, Massachusetts, USA

Need a master’s IA degree in a year? This 10-course Master of Science program will give you the information architecture education you need to get going in your career. Bentley University’s MS in Human Factors in Information Design lets you jump-start your information architecture career online in just one year of full-time study.




1 Year









About This Program

Students learn to use the latest tools and strategies for helping clients and companies improve their user experience. This hands-on approach allows students to be highly prepared for work as leaders in the information architecture field of work. Whether they move on to become interaction designers, information architects, product managers, front-end designers, mobile developers, and so on.

The MS in Human Factors in Information Design is a highly flexible course. Students may take it full-time, in-person, for one year. They may also enroll online over a longer period of time if they choose. The San Francisco remote campus also offers this IA program. In other words, there are a wide variety of options to make sure this information architecture program is tailored to each student's needs.

Students must take four core courses to start off with. These courses include Foundations in Human Factors, Managing a User-Centered Design Team, User Experience Leadership and Management, and Testing and Assessment Programs. From there, five Human Factors Electives must be selected from 14-course options. In addition, two courses that fall under the Non-Human Factors Electives category must also be chosen by the student.

Because of the variety of courses to choose from, students are able to focus on the areas that interest them the most. They may take mostly Information Architecture classes, for example, or perhaps practical training courses such as field methods or an internship course. For the Non-Human Factors Electives, students can even choose a class that isn't on the provided list, as long as it is approved by the MSHFID program director and is at least a 600-level class.

If students are already living in Massachusetts, they will have to take classes in-person. Students who want to complete the degree online will take classes at the same time as other students, which will take place in the evening. Students living in California may also attend courses at the remote San Francisco campus.

Bentley's UX (user experience) Center provides a space for students to research and gain experience within their information architecture education. Students will have the chance to perform user research, testing and evaluation, and may even be inspired to design and innovate their own solutions and creations. In terms of an IA program, a state-of-the-art UX Center makes a huge difference.

Students will have to pay around $4,445 per course for tuition, as well as other fees and expenses for room and board that could range anywhere from $510 to $13,500 (unless, of course, you are studying online). Scholarships and financial aid are available for those that qualify, as well as on-campus employment for those that apply.

About This School

Bentley University is considered a top business university in the United States, giving students hands-on experience and direct client-based training. The same applies to their information architecture program, as client-based work is extremely relevant. Bentley has 4,200 undergraduate students and 1,000 graduate students currently enrolled. It is located in Waltham, Massachusetts, which is a mere 9 miles away from Boston.

What I Will Learn

Why We Recommend This IA School Program

Our favorite thing about this program is its flexibility. Whether you live on the East coast or the West coast, you can complete a master’s program in information architecture in just a year. If you don’t live near Boston or San Francisco, you can enroll in their online program and receive the same quality education, although it will take a little longer.

Course Requirements / Prerequisites

The GRE or GMAT is required to apply, as well as an application fee, transcripts, a resume, two essays, an interview, and two letters of recommendation. International students must provide relevant English test scores.

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