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Master of Science in Information Architecture

Illinois Institute of Technology - Chicago, Illinois, USA

Are you looking for a way to develop your skills in communicating through technology? Do you want a career where you can make a difference? The Master of Science in Technical Communication and Information Architecture degree will teach you how to structure and deliver information in ways that improve the user experience.




2 Years









About This Program

Today's hiring managers are looking for candidates who communicate well on a wide range of technology platforms. Graduates from this Illinois Institute of Technology IA program can follow a variety of career paths, including web design and development, social media and marketing, quality assurance, and user experience. Many graduates are sought after employees for major organizations that understand the importance of technology, and how it helps build a stable company now and for decades to come.

A Master of Science in Technical Communication and Information Architecture prepares students to create high-quality user experiences for both desktop and mobile technologies. After completing this course, students are fully equipped to deliver information on a range of platforms and will have expertise in web application design, information architecture, and digital media project management. These skills are even more valuable in the modern world as technology plays a larger and more significant role in daily life. Graduates with these skills will be able to create valuable technologies for corporations large and small.

The courses in this information architecture program cover a range of topics, including technical communication, design tools, and web application management. The core curriculum includes five courses: User Experience Research and Evaluation, Document Design, Technical Editing, Standards-Based Web Design, and Web Application Development. Students then have the opportunity to choose electives that interest them and will develop the skills they need for their career goals. Course options include technical editing, standards-based web design, research methods in digital humanities, and history of video games.

To graduate from this IA program, students complete 33 credit hours- 18 credits of TCIA core classes, a minimum of 9 elective credits, and a minimum of three project or thesis credit hours. Full-time students typically finish in two years, while part-time students generally take three or less.

This information architecture program is an excellent option both for students preparing for a career in industry as well as those interested in pursuing a Ph.D. The core and elective courses offered will be relevant to students with either goal, and students can personalize their course to achieve their own personal and professional goals. Students pursuing a Ph.D. are encouraged to complete a thesis, whereas students seeking a job in the industry are encouraged to complete a project for future discussion with hiring managers.

Students from a wide range of backgrounds are welcome, and applications for the fall semester are due in April. Applicants with backgrounds in library science, english, and design are especially encouraged to apply. This diversity within the student body leads to a vibrant and interesting community where students can learn from one another in addition to their professors. Non-degree students can also enroll in courses, but doing so does not guarantee later acceptance into the degree program.

About This School

Illinois Institute of Technology is a private university located in Chicago, Illinois. It was founded in 1890 and serves approximately 3,000 undergraduates and 5,000 graduate students. The school offers programs in many subjects, including engineering, law, architecture, business, communications, and the sciences. The university has ten varsity sports teams.

What I Will Learn

Why We Recommend This IA School Program

This IA program teaches you how to create user-focused designs on a variety of platforms, including but not limited to, web, mobile, and even video games. You’ll learn information architecture, but in a way that fully incorporates technology into everyday life. This degree prepares those with both technical and non-technical backgrounds for a career in information architecture.

Course Requirements / Prerequisites

Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, and minimum GRE scores of 144 in quantitative reasoning, 153 in verbal reasoning, and 3.0 in analytical writing.

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