Content workflow: Breaking down the 9 step process

Learn how to build a workflow strategy for effective content creation

Content Workflow Optimization
Chaos to Clarity: Create a Content Workflow that Boosts Efficiency and Output

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  1. Chapter 1 What is content workflow?
  2. Chapter 2 Example of content workflow for websites
  3. Chapter 3 The content creation workflow process
  4. Chapter 4 Task-based workflows and status-based workflows
  5. Chapter 5 Benefits of content workflow management
  6. Chapter 6 Content workflow software and tools
  7. Chapter 7 Example of a content production workflow
  8. FAQ Frequently asked questions

Chapter 1

What is content workflow?

content workflow

content workflow • [kän-tent wərk-flō]

The step-by-step process of taking content from idea to publication.


"After we optimized our blog content workflow, not only did quality improve but we started ranking higher in search"


  • content plan
  • content strategy
  • content structure
  • content planning
  • content creation workflow
  • content creation process

Chapter 2

Example of content workflow for websites

Content creation workflow from strategy to publishing

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Chapter 3

The content creation workflow process

Cards that identify constraints, requirements and goals of content creation
Cards that define all the tasks associated with content production workflow
Content team leader, an African American woman with a description of her skillset
Names, images and titles of 6 person content team
Content workflow example from initial strategy to publishing
Pathway and arrow connecting content briefing to content deployment
Diagram of user flow from homepage to purchasing decision point
Kanban board for content workflow management
Revised content production workflow with additional steps added

Chapter 4

Task-based workflows and status-based workflows

Chapter 5

Benefits of content workflow management

Chapter 6

Content workflow software and tools

Best content research tools

Great content starts with research. Whether it's a blog post, video or any other type of content, it's only going to resonate if it aligns with what your target audience is looking for.

All of your content marketing efforts should therefore start with research, specifically keyword research.

Understanding exactly what your audience is searching for and the intent behind it is the best way to craft content that fully answers the query.

Best outlining & writing tools

After you've dialed in and wrapped up your research, it's onto the next part of the content creation process; getting content briefs together and writing the content.

Outlining in advance is an essential element of your content creation workflow because it gives shape, order and flow to your content, with one section smoothly transitioning to the next.

This is particularly important for publishing blog posts and your content team will no doubt thank you for the direction.

Best design tools

Ever heard the phrase, "we eat with our eyes first"?

It means our perception of quality, of food in this case, is first framed by how appealing and appetizing it looks.

Same goes for content marketing!

Poorly formatted pages with generic design or, worse, layouts from the GeoCities days will feel intuitively off-putting to people. Not only do they not build trust, poor design can actually tank your credibility and authority.

Hence why design should be a key part of your content workflow.

Best collaboration tools

Executing a content marketing strategy effectively requires having your marketing team on the same page at all times and knowing where each piece of content stands in the pipeline.

Content workflow software enables you to centralize communication, share files and discuss content ideas while making sure everyone's roles and responsibilities are being handled from start to finish.

Crucially, they allow you to visualize your whole content creation process, build an editorial calendar and track progress. Often they integrate with other widely used software applications.

Best publishing tools

Toward the end of your content management workflow is when publishing comes into play.

Since a lot of the digital marketing content you create will be published on your website, a content management system, or CMS, is your go-to for this.

If you're using Slickplan's Content Planner as a project management tool, you'll be able to bring content straight in the most popular CMSs with our plugins.

Chapter 7

Example of a content production workflow

Step 1


Conduct a thorough knowledge hunt based on the instructions and target audience outlined in the content brief.

Step 2


Develop a clear and organized structure before writing, ensuring a logical flow of information and strong supporting points.

Step 3


Write the initial version of the content, capturing the core ideas and arguments while maintaining a consistent voice and style.

Step 4

Review copy

Have a different team member carefully evaluate the content to ensure it fits your desired tone, brand guidelines and is, of course, accurate.

Step 5

Update copy

Edit and refine the content to enhance clarity, strengthen arguments and improve the overall flow and reader experience.

Step 6


Get final approval from the editor or content manager, ensuring all revisions and feedback have been addressed.

Step 7


Upload the approved content to your CMS, make it live and available to your target audience.

Step 8


Strategically distribute content through your channels, i.e., social media and email marketing campaigns to maximize reach and engagement.

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