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  1. Chapter 1 What is SEO content?
  2. Chapter 2 What is search engine optimization (SEO)?
  3. Chapter 3 SEO content strategy examples
  4. Chapter 4 What is an SEO plan?
  5. Chapter 5 Benefits of planning your SEO content
  6. Chapter 6 SEO content tools and software
  7. Chapter 7 How to build an SEO content plan
  8. Chapter 8 How an SEO site planner can help you rank content

Chapter 1

What is SEO content?

SEO content

seo content • [es-i-ō kän-tent]

Content strategically crafted to rank highly on search engines; content created for SEO is generally focused on a specific keyword.


"To attract more organic traffic to our site, we invested heavily in creating high-quality SEO content"


  • search engine optimized content
  • searchable content
  • organic content
  • search engine-optimized content
  • SEO-friendly content

Chapter 2

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

A well-planned website page, the result of effective UX sitemap design

Chapter 3

SEO content strategy examples

University medical program


The underlying reason why someone types a specific query into the search bar.

Informational, Navigational, Commercial, Transactional


What the website owner is aiming to achieve with their content.

Attract more traffic to their website and generate leads/students for their medical program.

Get more users off the heels of a feature launch.

Bring in more visitors and viewers of their streaming shows.

Increase the sales of backpacks and brand awareness

Attract new students and increase course enrollments

Increase online orders and delivery service usage and attract new customers

Content SEO Strategy

The particular type of content a website owner uses to reach their goal while fulfilling search intent.

Resource guide: Produce several pages that discuss popular topics that align with search queries of future medical students

Product pages: Build pages of high quality content that each discuss a common problem that their tool solves.

Blog: Create blog posts that cover news, gossip and info that satisfy the search intent of fans of the show.

Buying guides: Put together in-depth, keyword-optimized buying guides comparing different backpacks for various activities i.e.,hiking, camping, travel

Landing pages: Craft compelling pages for each course with clear benefits, testimonials and calls to action. Optimize them with relevant keywords.

Optimize local SEO: Focus on local keywords like "best sushi delivery [city name]", "sushi options near me", "unique sushi rolls"

Chapter 4

What is an SEO plan?

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Content marketing is built on keyword research. Without knowing what works in search, it's tough to create relevant content.

How to use keyword research? Use keyword research from tools like Ahrefs or Semrush to guide topic selection, SEO content creation and optimizing for terms relevant to your audience.

Content Brief

Content Brief

Page optimization and improved search rankings come from the detailed work that precedes. Content briefs summarize all of that.

How to use a content brief? Think of these as a checklist to ensure you’re not overlooking anything important for users and search engines.

Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar

Consistency in releasing content matters, especially if you're running a blog, news site or anything that'll get regular updates.

How to use an editorial calendar? Develop a structured content calendar to help your team organize, schedule and align content with broader strategic goals

Chapter 5

Benefits of planning your SEO content

Create better website content with teams

14-day free trial
No credit card required

Chapter 6

SEO content tools and software

Best SEO research tools

Research is where all of your SEO efforts begin, without it you're operating in the dark, hoping your content connects. To generate content that moves you higher in the search results, you need to know exactly what your audience is looking for and be able to identify opportunities to capitalize on it.

Keyword research helps generate keyword ideas and ultimately the topics that you should create content for. Research is what helps you uncover insights and decide which pieces should be built around which type of search intent; navigational, commercial, transactional or informational intent.

Best outlining & writing tools

SEO optimized content doesn't structure and write itself, so in the world of content and SEO, the importance of tools that help you in outlining and writing SEO content can't be overstated. They assist in organizing thoughts, plotting content structure, ensuring consistent tone and streamlining the writing process.

These tools offer a platform where creativity meets efficiency, helping you to put together compelling narratives that align with your audience and satisfy search engine requirements.

Best publishing tools

Once you've finished creating your SEO website content, publishing is the point at which you deliver it to your audience. The tools you use for this stage can make a big difference in the fluidity of the process and even the impact of your content.

A good content management system (CMS) can streamline the publishing process, enhance SEO strategies and foster greater collaboration among team members.

Plus, when using our Content Planner to create content, you'll get built in plugins to the most popular CMSs out there.

Best promotion tools

If content is created and no one hears about it or ever finds it...what's the point of making it?

Promoting your content and spreading your message is just as important as creating it, trouble is the internet is awash with it which makes standing out a real challenge.

This section is dedicated to exploring various social media management tools that can help you effectively promote your content. Remember, even the most insightful and well-crafted content won't make an impact if it doesn't reach its intended audience.

Chapter 7

How to build an SEO content plan

Charts and tables for setting benchmarks and SEO goals
Google SERP, “People also ask” and marketing tool signup
Product page analysis
Google Trends keyword research tool and Google search bar
Topical map example
Search results for “best electric guitars” and “Fender Stratocaster guitar price”, highlighting different search intent
Optimized product page for a jacket ranking first on Google
Internal and external links within a text block

Chapter 8

How an SEO site planner can help you rank content

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