You’ve Created Your Sitemap, but What About the Content?

You’ve Created Your Sitemap, but What About the Content?
Jenn Marie
March 31, 20174 min read

For years, the process of planning content involved multiple documents, complicated spreadsheets, and lost emails. Slickplan puts an end to the madness in one simple click. If you aren’t already using our content planning tool, here are some ways to do so.

Don’t Ignore the Content

When you are responsible for building a website, it’s easy to overlook the content, until it’s time to add it in. Our content planning tool reduces the eventual stress that occurs once that time finally occurs.

The tool allows contributors, planners, designers, and even your SEO team to have a central repository for planning, localizing, editing and managing web site content. Those you invite can upload website text into content blocks for easy editing and collaboration. They can also easily plan out the order of content while you focus on other aspects of the website planning process.

When it is finally time to code, everything is all in one place, organized, and approved.

Gather Content Before You Go Live

Adding content after the fact is never a good idea. The content planning tool makes it easy to have the content ready prior to the site going live.

This utility makes effective planning simple by creating a central location for all of your content. From there, your team can quickly review content, edit, and collaborate. With everything conveniently in one place, organizing and planning content based on your specific project’s needs is a breeze.

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Content Gathering Made Easy

Perhaps the best part about our content planning tool is how easy it is to gather content. There is no need to upload attachments – content creators can input directly into your Slickplan sitemap, with save-as-you-go simplicity. We’ve included common formatting functions as well.

For those pieces of content that were created elsewhere, simply paste as text to quickly transfer .doc files. No matter how the content is created, it is easy to incorporate it into the overall workflow and present a fleshed out sitemap.

Manage and Collaborate with Multiple Contributors

Who says content creation has to be a one-person job? With Slickplan, you can easily assign contributors (such as internal staff or 3rd parties) to specific pages or entire projects. Let the best people work on specific aspects of your project and collaborate on the progress by leaving and replying to comments.

Spend Less Time Cleaning the Code with Templates

When multiple people are working on a single project, it is not uncommon for someone to completely have the wrong idea about how something should look. Templates prevent this from happening by giving the project owner (not the content creator) complete control over how content is presented.

Our content area is a ‘blank space’ template where you can apply HTML and CSS formatting, strip junk HTML, and leave notes. You can also format it further with rich text blocks, plain text boxes, videos, images and even columns and rows. Whether you strip your pages clean or preformat them with templates, you are in complete control of how your final copy looks. Use templates only where you need it. You can even assign templates to specific pages, metadata or contributors.

If you don’t use templates, you may find yourself cleaning code after the content is finalized, risking the possibility of incorrect formatting. Removing and correcting code after the fact can take hours- lengthening the amount of time it takes to go live.

Optimize SEO Now (rather than later)

Speaking of metadata, SEO specialists can use the Slickplan content planning tool to enter metadata during the planning stage and have it carried over to the final site. They can also create metadata templates that let you define parameters or generate repeated data.

Our metadata information integrates with popular SEO plugins, such as Yoast.

Keep Tabs on Content Status at A Glance

Slickplan isn’t just about creating beautiful web projects, it’s also excellent for managing workflow. Our content planning tool makes it easy to check the status of your content with a quick glance. Stay informed with an automatically updating progress bar, based on the total amount of content needed.

* Our content workflow defaults to complete and draft, but can customize it to your needs.

Export it to your favorite CMS

Having your content ready to go during the planning phase will save time, and lead to a better-planned web project, but the ultimate goal is having it on your site. Content gathered using our content planning tool is easily exportable to WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, ExpressionEngine, and concrete5 Plug-Ins. You can even build your own solutions with our API.

Slickplan saves you time while also helping you comprehensively and professionally plan everything for your app or website with a lot less effort. We do, in one utility, what would normally take multiple tools. The devil is in the details, and a well-planned project can make all the difference. Our content planning utility is yet another way that we make website planning a breeze.

Have you tried our content planning tool? Let us know what you think, or send us an email to let us know how we could make it even better! Start Your 14 Day Trial Today!

Jenn Marie
Written by Jenn Marie

Jenn Marie is a freelance copy writer and internet marketing strategist based out of the Seattle area. A true tech evangelist, Jenn previously helped individuals utilize the full potential of Dell, Microsoft and Amazon products. She now focuses on building authentic online presences for small businesses and entrepreneurs through her company, Jenn Marie Writing & Marketing.