Sitemap Tools

Here are some helpful site mapping tools that further extend our Slickplan sitemap builder. We have listed some useful components and features that allow you to auto-generate sitemaps, export your sitemaps to popular CMS applications, and integrate Slickplan with 3rd party apps

Sitemap Tools

Generate Sitemaps

Site Crawler

Quickly build a sitemap from an existing website using the Slickplan Site Crawler tool. Automatically import key information along with your website structure including file/directory names, H1 tags, page titles, urls and meta descriptions. Available with the Slickplan Unlimited plan.

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Helpful Tools

XML Sitemap Importer

Create a sitemap of an existing site from an XML file. Import a Slickplan, WordPress or sitemap XML file and quickly begin making edits or redesigns to your current website sitemap.

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Helpful Tools

Text File Importer

Generate a visual sitemap in Slickplan from a text file for easier editing and sharing. Import pages and page hierarchies directly from the text file using a simple sitemap syntax.

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Helpful Tools

Export Website Structures

When you are finished planning your website project, import your Slickplan website plan into one of our supported CMS platforms. Upon import, your pages, navigation structure, and content will be instantly ready in your CMS.

Integration Html

HTML Sitemap Exporter

Export your Slickplan sitemap as an HTML file and view in a web browser. Upload your HTML sitemap to your website so visitors can utilize this file as a visual aid to quickly locate your website pages. The HTML file will be exported with your logo, CSS styling, and notes text file.

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Integration Wordpress


Download and install the Slickplan WordPress Plugin to import your Slickplan XML project structure including pages, navigation menus, and content.

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Integration Joomla


Transfer your pages, navigation, and website content from a Slickplan XML export file using our Slickplan Joomla Extension (supports Joomla vs. 2.5 and 3.x).

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Integration Drupal


Import your Slickplan project XML file directly into your Drupal system with our plugin. Your pages, navigation and content will be created in your CMS.

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Integration Expressionengine


Export your website project in Slickplan XML format and import it into ExpressionEngine seamlessly with our plugin. Your pages, navigation and content will transferred.

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Integration Concrete


Transfer your website sitemap, navigation structure, and content easily from Slickplan into the concrete5 CMS using an exported Slickplan project XML file.

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Integrate with Other Applications


Connect your Slickplan and Basecamp accounts to share sitemap information directly with your Basecamp projects. Link Slickplan sitemaps to individual projects within Basecamp and get automatic posting of new messages, project updates, sitemap revisions and more. Choose which users in your Basecamp account will receive updates from Slickplan.

Set Up Basecamp Sync


Developer API

Take advantage of Slickplan’s powerful REST-style Developer API to integrate Slickplan with your own applications. Easily make secure SSL requests using JSON. Query a variety of sitemap data points such as page structures, metadata, page notes, page types and comments. Connect to account information and look up company data, user information, invoicing data, and messaging data.

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