4 ways Slickplan makes teamwork a breeze

4 ways Slickplan makes teamwork a breeze
Ian Lawson
January 7, 20142 min read

It’s hard to appreciate the beauty of a great collaboration tool unless you’ve done a major project without one. If you’ve ever dealt with a file with a name like “sitemap final_v5_edits 3_revd7_FINALFORREALTHISTIME,” you know what I’m talking about.

Group projects are hard enough on their own. They’re even harder when you and your team can’t talk face to face. And when you don’t have an easy way to see who’s making changes to what and when, they get harder still.

This is true whether you’re designing a new logo or making plans to build a skyscraper. And when it comes to creating sitemaps, things are no different. So with our latest update to Slickplan, we decided to put an end to the agony of remote group work.

Here are 4 ways Slickplan makes group editing simple:

1. Freedom from file overload. This might be obvious, but it’s worth noting. Slickplan is a web application, meaning all work happens within your account on our website. So there’s no stressing over which version of your sitemap is really the most up-to-date. Plus, you don’t have to worry about not having the files you need: you can log in to Slickplan anytime, anywhere.

2. Real-time editing. Is there anything worse than spending hours on a project, only to find someone else has overwritten your work? If so, we don’t know what it is. Slickplan allows you and your teammates to collaborate on the same file at the same time. But you don’t have to worry about accidentally erasing somebody else’s work. Slickplan automatically locks the element of a sitemap that an editor is working on. This means that while they’re making changes, they have dibs on that part of the sitemap—until they’re done working.

3. Open lines of communication. Electronic communication can be tough to interpret. Sometimes, you just need an easy way to explain yourself. Slickplan’s new commenting feature makes this possible: you can view and respond to feedback from your team in real time. Site markers alert you when a new comment has been posted. And you can even receive an email each time a comment is directed your way.

4. Control over who does what. With a Slickplan Pro account, you can invite users to contribute to your sitemap. Want certain users to look, but not touch? As account administrator, you get to define who can make changes and save new versions of your sitemap—and who stays in viewer-only mode.

Say goodbye to scrambling to get all your teammates and file versions onto the same page. With Slickplan, everything and everyone works together, in one easy-to-use place.

Sound simple? We think so, too. Find out which Slickplan package is right for you and your team.

Ian Lawson

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