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All aspects of ux design start with understanding your websites user flow. Navigational menus, sidebars, footers and other ux elements should serve a concrete purpose to either push your user towards their ultimate goal, like a purchase, sign up, leave a review etc.. These goals and paths are determined by a through user flow analysis.

A user flow is essential for making sure that you are putting the user first when designing your website. A beautiful website does nothing for your business if your customers get lost while trying to use it.

The user flow is simply a summary of the steps a visitor to your site will take to achieve a goal, such as reading a blog post, purchasing a product, or getting a phone number to call for more information. It allows you to put yourselves in the shoes of your user and understand the user journey. You probably have a range of intended users of your website, so it’s important to create user flows for each of them.

There are many online user flow tools that will help you envision each potential online user flow, so that you can take note of any potential dead ends that a user could reach. Improving the user flow makes it easier for your customers to user your website, and less likely that they will leave and go to a competitor instead. Creating an online user flow for every possible situation gives you an opportunity to improve the efficiency of your site and, ultimately, will get you more business.

User flow will help your plan your customers journey through the site, but for more detailed aspects of page design visit our User Experience section.

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User Flow

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Creating a User Flow

Creating a User Flow

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Creating a User Flow

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