Add Images with Design Mockups

Design Mockups
By Slickplan
Aug 03, 20211 min read
Do you ever wish you could show clients or your team ideas for the pages inside your sitemap? If so, there’s an exciting new update to Slickplan. Whether it’s a rough wireframe, sketch or polished design mockup you need to upload and share we’ve created the perfect new addition to Slickplan called Design Mockups. Just like any other page attribute it’s accessible from the page menu and instantly gives you access to drag and drop image files onto your sitemap. Images can be shared via the new file library or commented on by any of your contributors working on the project. Each page can have unlimited images so tweaks and iterations to your ideas are easy to track. We’re listening to you and would love to hear any comments or feedback you have on Design Mockups. Thanks to all who requested this feature, we couldn’t do it without your support!

Comments (5)

Mar 10, 2015

Great update. For this to be a true site planning tool, it would be awesome if we could attach page content and images. I’d love to see some trello like functionality built into it (or maybe even integrate will trello i.e. link a page to a trello card). Also the ability to create a checklist for page sign off/acceptance would be very beneficial. Keep ’em coming!

Orgilbayar Zorigt
Mar 02, 2015

Great! Like the frequent upgrades. Please make it even better with other options of views.

Argon Design
Feb 26, 2015

Great feature – I love it! Now we can attach wireframes to our sitemaps :)

James Roche
Feb 06, 2015

Wow, this is an amazing feature. Well done!!!

Feb 06, 2015

Thanks James. We’ll keep them coming. Have some other great stuff we’re working on in 2015.