And the Winner is… US!

And the Winner is... US!
Ian Lawson
Updated November 19, 2021 2 min read

Atomic Interactive, the digital marketing agency headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, created the design, development and marketing strategy for Slickplan was created to fill a hole in the web design process that Atomic encountered every time they picked up a new project. Like most design agencies (and freelance designers), Atomic begins the web design process by creating a sitemap that displays the page titles and navigation of the finished product. A growing frustration within the Atomic team due to an alarming absence of quality sitemap creation software led to a proactive decision – “We’ll make our own!”

Fast forward two years and two versions of Slickplan – the web application has become a trusted design industry resource for over 35,000 users who love the simplicity of the creation process and the beauty and functionality of the finished sitemap. This past weekend, the Atomic Interactive team was overjoyed to learn that Slickplan was chosen as one of three finalist for Best New Web/Mobile Application in the App It Out contest hosted by <href=””>Carsonified. The achievement grants Atomic and two other winners the opportunity to present their software at the prestigious Future InSights Live conference at the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas at the end of April.

At the conference, 4 members of the Atomic team will have 10 minutes to showcase the finest points of Slickplan in front of a huge gathering of web designers, developers and digital agencies, as well as a panel of judges that will be voting to send one lucky app development company to a conference in London. Future InSights Live is conference that hosts cutting edge trends and personalities in the web design community, and this year such well-known industry personalities and web entrepreneurs as Dan Cederholm, Josh Clark, Steve Fisher, Paul Boag and Molly Holzschlag will be featured as speakers.

Ryan McCoy, one of Atomic’s co-owners and a member of the presentation team, is particularly excited. “This is a great honor to attend the Future InSights Live conference to present our software to all of our peers within the interactive community,” Ryan said. “We created Slickplan because of a need we had as an interactive agency, and to get a chance to share our creation with a gathering of all these potential users is really a dream come true.”

Slickplan’s creators are well aware of the fact that this opportunity presented itself thanks in part to the contributions of Slickplan’s users. Ian Lawson, Atomic’s other co-owner, explains, “The improvements made to Slickplan are based on our own day-to-day use and feedback from 35,000 very active users. Together, we’ve made something great.”

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Ian Lawson

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