Website Planning Just Got Better – Announcing Slickplan’s Pre-CMS Suite Launch

Hey everyone, wait until you see what we’ve been up to. Slickplan just launched three critical website planning tools to coincide with our popular sitemap web app. If you already thought our site mapping platform was amazing, you will find these new tools even more important in the planning of successful, well thought out websites. Let us introduce you to new…

Our Slickplan suite now gives individuals and teams the ability to perform serious Pre-CMS planning of website architecture, user flow, and content before the design and coding phases begin. This kind of pre-planning results in successful projects for both you and your clients.

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Website Planning is Now Seamless

While the Slickplan sitemap tool is significant for building your information architecture—or your website structure, as you know it—these new website planning features will streamline the entire pre-CMS planning process and take website usability and customer experiences to new limits:

  • Create user flow diagrams, manage user flow, and improve overall user experience
  • Guide teams to strategically plan and share proposed content including on-page media, text, SEO, HTML styling classes and IDs
  • Easily share and collaborate on design mockups; upload and share graphics, images, logos, designs, and more

Website planning is now a seamless process because teams and website planners have the capability for rapid prototyping and displaying the results in a professional view within the browser. This automatic, branded, and client friendly view can be shared as a link or with an email.

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Team Collaboration, Rapid Prototyping, Fast Deployment

The issue for most website content planners is a collaborative, professional, and expedient manner in which to incorporate multiple ideas, information architecture, content, team and client feedback, and mockup versions—all within one simplified but comprehensive planning tool. This high-end solution allows for adding contributors, setting permissions, and defining a workflow process.

Transitioning from planning to building is easy. Website plans can be exported directly to CMS platforms including WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, ExpressionEngine, and Concrete5. With early content planning and search engine optimization through metadata, URL structures, etc., you save on the high costs of post go-live SEO configuration. This exclusive Slickplan program for website planners is equipped to include UX expert JJ Garrett’s website development symbols library.

Tailored Plans for All Types of Website Professionals

Slickplan’s website planning suite will delight new or current users, with reasonable pricing in four specialized plans to choose from. These new plans are optimized to meet every type of user in almost any industry, starting at only $9.99 per month for sitemaps only or $29.99 per month for full access. Users can subscribe for a discounted annual plan paid in full.

  • Basic – Slickplan’s popular site mapping tool
  • Professional – Site mapping and web planning tools for freelancers or individuals (up to 3 users)
  • Team – Site mapping and web planning tools for unlimited projects, with ample storage space and additional phone support for teams with up to 10 users
  • Agency – Site mapping and web planning tools for unlimited users and projects, with 500GB storage for large teams and organizations

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Not Just Site Mapping Anymore

Slickplan is picking up excited people in almost every industry for all types website content planning projects. Whether you are in education, high tech, marketing, or retail, to name a few, Slickplan is perfect for website planning and related projects.

A 14-day Slickplan demo is available for our existing Slickplan users.

  • Current Subscribers: Try the new Slickplan demo for 14 days. Simply login and follow the instructions that display or click the “Start a free 14 day trial to unlock PRO features” link at the top of the interface.
  • New Users: You get 14 days of Slickplan for free, as always! Enjoy the new features.

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Slickplan is committed to furthering modern website development and website architecture philosophies–by allowing website builders to create a better and more user friendly Internet. In Slickplan’s “validated product”, we serve our customers to do this. We are pleased to share with you that Slickplan has over 130,000 registered users and supports over 25 Fortune 500 Companies.

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Design user-friendly sites with Slickplan

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