New Feature: Multiple Admins

Ian Lawson
Updated November 19, 2021 2 min read

Slick Plan Just Got A Little Sicker

With this new version of Slickplan it was extremely important to include collaborative options with our sitemap tools. Since the process of creating a site with successful user experience involves both the input of team members and clients alike, granting them access to edit and comment was essential.

Multiple Admins

You called and we answered; now not only can you create, customize, and share your sitemap but now you can also allow multiple administrators to each account. This way several people from your company can contribute, manage, and create their own sitemaps within the same account. When you create a new user there is a check box to make them an administrator and grant them full access to your Slickplan account. And keep in mind at all of these benefits are included with 14-Day Free Trial, No Credit Card Required, in our opinion, this is pretty sick!

If you haven’t heard, SlickPlan is a web app that is helpful for creating visual sitemaps and flowcharts. It is useful for your web development projects or any other project where visual maps are needed. Our web app provides an online editor, which is extremely user friendly. It allows you to simply add pages and organize by assigning them to parent categories, all your changes are simultaneously reflected on a visual map.

A flowchart can be crucial for explaining certain tasks or ideas. Our goal with this new version is to make sure that you can put together a flowchart quickly and also be able to collaborate with team members throughout the entire process. With over 30,000 registered users strong we’re proud to announce that this feature is now available. So tell all your friends and shout it from the rooftops.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments… They are always appreciated.

Peace, Slickplan

Ian Lawson

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