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By Slickplan
September 25, 20141 min read

We’re movin’ right along here at slickplan. This month has been filled with small fixes and new features. The latest updates are:

  • Visual Editor for Cells Notes: Cell notes just got more useful! With the addition of our visual editor (WYSIWYG) you are now able to style your notes. And best of all, the notes will retain their styles when you export or share your sitemap.
  • TXT Import (Dash Hierarchy): We’re always looking for new ways to improve workflow and the new txt import tool is perfect for our less tech savvy users. Forget about xml, with this tool anyone can import a sitemap structure using our simple dash hierarchy.
  • CSV Export: It’s back! Many of you have requested the return of CSV exports and we’ve been listening.
  • File Uploads (Contact & Feedback Forms): Did you find a bug? Could we be doing something better? The new file upload feature allows you to share screenshots, screencast, and other files that help us help you.
  • Email Notifications: A lot can happen in a year, so we have decided to gently remind you before your next payment comes due for annual plans. No one likes unexpected bills.
  • Responsive Design: We’ve updated the front end site to be a little more usable for you folks on the go. The new responsive layouts make viewing the site on your favorite device a breeze.

We hope you enjoy everything we’ve added. We’re committed to making Slickplan the best information architecture tool for web and UX professionals. If you have any feedback or notice anything not working correctly please let us know. For now we’ll be back in the lab creating the next great feature!

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Comments (3)



October 16, 2014

Excellent as always lads!


Scott Jacques

October 3, 2014

Loving the new text editor for notes. Thanks for listening. Great idea to also include screen share / file upload with bug/feature requests.



October 8, 2014

Thanks Scott! We appreciate the feedback.

Stan Zukowski

Stan Zukowski

October 2, 2014

I'm interested in trying "TXT Import (Dash Hierarchy)" but can't find anything specific on HOW to do it in your help files. Can you point me to some documentation?



October 8, 2014

Hi Stan, We are currently working on a new article for our knowledge base (help section). For now you can download the sample file within the app and use it as a template for formatting the sitemap. Contact us [email protected] if you have any further questions or use our website contact form and a support agent can help you.

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