New Features: Page Types and Sections

New Features: Page Types and Sections
By Slickplan
November 21, 20121 min read

Slickplan is excited to bring you a new feature set for sitemap design. We have listened carefully to you, our valued customers, and implemented the items you want and need to make your jobs easier as you bring your sites to life.

blog small graphic 1Let’s start with the new page type or archetypes feature. An archetype is a statement, or pattern of behavior, a prototype upon which others are copied, patterned, or emulated.  With Slickplan page types, we’ve added the ability to show purpose icons, specific colors, and descriptions for each page in your site map. This feature is a great way for site map designers to help their customers understand the structure and purpose of the pages in their site.

blog small graphic 2 The second main feature we have added is the ability to now break the sitemap into designated sections.  The goal is to take away the hassle of handling massive sites that need simplified by placing large parent/child pages into their own section, which can be expanded as needed. This helps you to focus on specific sections one at a time, and manage a large sitemap with ease.

At Slickplan we’re very excited that our customers are helping us to grow, and we urge you all to let us know your ideas for ways we can continue to improve this groundbreaking service.

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Comments (1)

November 11, 2021

I would like to see real examples about how each page type would look

January 6, 2022

Hey Andrea this post was from 2012 in our early days. Checkout some info on our page types here. If you need anything else please reach out to our support team

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