Plan better with new sitemap, content & diagram templates

Website planning simplified. It’s kind of our thing and we’re happy to announce a new batch of templates that make creating a killer website even easier.

What’s new?

Templates! They’re available in three categories – sitemaps, diagrams and content. We’ve added them straight to the app, so no need to install/download anything. Just click and go. Let’s take a look at the updates.

Sitemap templates

Sitemap templates are a great way to jumpstart your ideas for a new project. They’re especially useful when planning a website from the ground up but are also beneficial for a complete redesign or adding new pages to an existing site.
Sitemap template function

Diagram templates

User flows, journey paths, decision points, organizational charts, data visualization and more. Diagrams help you organize and visualize the thoughts and ideas upon which you’ll build your site.
Diagram template function

Content templates

Content templates are a simple way to plan out what should be on the pages of your site. Items are separated into content blocks which can be arranged however you please and filled with plain or rich text, photos, files code and more. Whatever your pages call for.
Content template function

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Where do I find them?

If you’re new to Slickplan or just want to browse, you can check out all of our templates here. If you already have an account, simply log in, open any sitemap project and select a page to assign the template to or assign them to multiple pages.

If you have any questions or need a bit of assistance, our Help Desk is full of quick walk-through style videos with written instructions just below. Our email is always open and you can find us on chat too; we’re here for you and happy to help.

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Thank you!

We source some of our best and most creative ideas from our chats with the people who use this app – you! So thanks for reaching out; we’re so glad you did and thanks for being the best part of Slickplan. ❤️

Ian Lawson

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Design user-friendly sites with Slickplan

14-day free trial
No credit card required

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