Slickplan Superlatives

Slickplan Superlatives
By Slickplan
March 27, 20121 min read

We have an announcement for our users who’ve given us feedback in the last two years: we listened. And we’ve been working hard to implement your ideas into our sitemap creation tool.

It’s hard to pick our favorite new Slickplan feature—but the pure functionality of the creation tool has to be it. Mouseover prompts. Drop-and-drag. Instant editing. We think these improvements (among others) contribute to an elegant and super-helpful working environment.

You can add pages, change levels, move an entire tree with ease. Erase errors with the one-click undo button. We worked hard to make everything accessible—and obvious—without having to navigate through a bunch of menus or (even worse) a manual.

We’re proud of our product, and we’re proud of our users. Thanks, guys, for the feedback. Keep it comin’.