We Have Liftoff

We Have Liftoff
Ian Lawson
Updated July 29, 2018 1 min read

People have a way of letting you know if you’ve got something good going. With Slickplan’s registered user population booming and rave reviews pouring in, we knew it was time to start returning the love with some upgrades. Taking stock of our app’s current features and extensive feedback from our users, we rebuilt Slickplan. Better than it was before. Stronger. Faster. (this is a reference to the 6 Million Dollar Man opening, just in case you don’t recognize it. :) )

To start with, plans can now be quickly and easily “branded” to look custom-made for your clients. You can manage users for each project, and see their feedback, real-time, on screen. There’s also an instant autosave, one-click editing, and foolproof drop-and-drag capablilities. You really can’t mess up.

But that’s just the beginning. Plans, once built, can be exported with one click to PDF, Word, CSV, HTML, PNG… even as XML to use with applications like WordPress. And our built-in sharing feature allows users to share their work in Basecamp and social media sites without ever leaving the Slickplan project page.

Subscription levels are tailored to your needs. Users can choose to keep an unlimited number of active sitemaps percolating or just one. Unlimited archived sitemaps are still on tap for everyone.

Slickplan really grew out of our love for design and our desire to remove the barriers for all the folks like us out there who love it too. And with the help of some spot-on feedback from our loyal and, dare we say, brilliant user community.

Check it out… we think you’re going to like it.

Ian Lawson

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