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8 Emerging User Interface Designs to Watch for in 2018

June 21, 2017

Every year, new trends develop in user interface design that literally changes the face of the Internet for years to come. Some of these trends are just starting to emerge in 2017, while others grow more popular each year.

As 2017 enters its second half, and 2018 comes into view, we’ll look at some of the current trends, followed by our predictions for what will shine in 2018.

Current UI trends

With a shift towards creating user experiences, rather than just selling, 2016 introduced some great new ideas into UI design. Perhaps the biggest change happened after apps such as Pokémon Go blurred the line between reality and screens. With this now a possibility, how we interact with those screens is even more critical than it once was.

In 2017, designers were tasked with creating designs that were more time-saving and personalized while delivering deeper metrics than ever before.

Upcoming UI Trends

These 8 trends not only align with these goals, but they are also most likely to drive the design of websites in 2018.

Long Form Content

The demand for more written content (for a variety of reasons) has led to web pages that require scrolling. While great for search engine optimization, content that extends ‘below the fold’ pose a unique challenge for UI design. Expect to see more UI design trends addressing this issue in 2018.

Long form content

Cycling’s Road Forward – The Washington Post

Full-Screen Video

While more words can lead to richer stories, videos also tell an impactful story while not requiring the user to scroll down or read. Full-screen videos immerse the site visitor, leading to more involvement (and hopefully) better metrics. As more sites seek to combine experience with metrics, this trend is likely to grow in 2018.

full screen video example

Various Ways


Whether sites lean toward long-form content or start with full page pictures or videos, typography will take center stage in 2018. Designers such as Stephen Perry, who works on, imagined a 2017 filled with bold typography. It’s clear that 2018 will be anything but minimalistic.

typography example

Monsieur Caillou


When it comes to user interface, 2018 will be the designer’s dream. The 2017 push for personalization has led to expectations of something other than Apple. In 2018, you will see brighter, more vivid colors, and greater use of gradients.

bright vivid colors

Elje Group


Color and typography can only do so much to tell a unique story; illustrations, on the other hand, can tell a story on their own. This emerging trend is very likely to stay relevant in 2018 because Illustrations are an extremely versatile visual element. They can be sophisticated or simplistic; playful or serious. They can even be animated. Use them to create unique experiences for website visitors.

Illustrations trends example

Robby Leonardi

Cards Still Rule

You may already be familiar with cards, but in 2018, they are expected to become even more popular. Cards are great for small screens and are also an effective way to share a lot of information in a small space. Thanks to their ease of use in mobile design, combined with their inclusion in Google’s Material Design, this trend is going nowhere.

cards design trend example


No Rules Apply

Near the end of 2016, a growing number of websites began to think outside of the grid when it came to design, and this is not likely to change for 2018. In fact, who even needs UI? Andy Budd, managing director of the digital agency Clearleft, sees a future that features less visible UI thanks to the growing use of voice user interface.

The Need for More Collaboration

As websites become more personalized and options become more diverse, collaboration between creatives, marketers, and developers will likely become more relevant as well. Long-form content requires talented writers, while custom illustrations and typography depend on talented designers. The drive for metrics will also involve marketers in the creation of websites more than ever before.

Although user interface design trends can change as quickly as they develop, it is important to stay on top of what is currently popular in the industry and with users. Regardless of whether you opt for stylistic gradients or think less is more, Slickplan has you covered with timesaving collaborative tools that help you build better websites.



September 20, 2017

Times sure have changed since my first website back in the 90’s, complete with gaudy background images and randomly strewn about animated gifs… Oh, Geocities; I miss you in a nostalgic way.

Never would have guessed that 20 years down the road, smart phones and other mobile devices would take over so much! It’s amazing how much technology has changed… Damn I feel old.


Janet Parker

October 27, 2017

UI interface designs are improving day by day and the days are not far that everyone will use Gradients and illustration in UI Designs. The article you have shared would be helpful to those who are looking for designs in 2018. Keep it up.


Janet Parker

December 12, 2017

Thank you for letting us know about upcoming trends of user interface.


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