Perfecting User Flow in Sitemap Planning

Perfecting User Flow in Sitemap Planning
By Slickplan
December 11, 20143 min read

Effective website and app design begins with expert architecture planning and a well-thought out sitemap that is crafted to engage audiences and enhance user experiences. Perfecting user flow is the cornerstone in gaining conversions and establishing loyal customers that crave not only your products and services but also the website experiences you offer. After assimilating a creative brief, identifying business goals, and understanding a website’s audience and purpose, user flow is one of the first critical steps toward planning intelligent web and app architecture.

Neil Kulas

Love the app! Where has this been all my project planning life? We were using GatherContent and it was fine but not nearly as useful as Slickplan. It’s all in one place... just brilliant.

Neil Kulas, Web & Digital Media Manager of Carnegie Museum of Art

What Is User Flow

User flow is website or app structure, navigation, and page hierarchy, usually defined by a sitemap.When you consider the “people” in planning your website structure, your products and services reach out to those you target. Building a website or app with your audience in mind will turn navigation into customer experiences they don’t forget. Based on your business objectives, you essentially create a journey for your visitors to follow—a path in which you direct your potential leads, and one that produces conversions and generates sales.

Optimize Your Sitemap

An optimized sitemap with user flow in mind is driven by both client goals and customer desires. While resulting business productivity and sales are obviously critical to organizations, perfecting website user flow for customer results is driven by customer needs and wants in a competitive landscape:

Sitemap planning

  • Brands that resonate for return experiences
  • Ease in navigation and usability
  • Loyalty opportunities in deals, coupons, and sales
  • Expectations met at every level
  • Pristine purchasing experiences
  • Satisfaction at every level
  • Superior overall experiences

User Flow Examples

The user flows you specify for your website or app depend on your audience and purpose, and the fact is you have the power to take your potential leads where you want them to go. Consider some of these user flows that take place based on the structure of your website or app, or the routes in which your visitors are accessing your site:

  • Search for product → visit product page → find product → makes purchase
  • Social media link via email →  click to landing page → subscribe to service
  • Click an ad → click to landing page → sign up for product
  • Email campaign → visit product page → engage in loyalty promotions → make purchase
  • Blog post link → visit blog and click link → visit product page → subscribe to service


With an expert sitemap tool, you build the user flow that works for you to generate business, and your website developer handles the backend. You may also need a robust marketing campaign to promote your website or app and drive traffic from these channels.

Consider your site visitors when it comes to the planning, design, and architecture for your website or app. These visitors are coming to you for different reasons, from unique sources, with varying levels of information or knowledge, and with all kinds of intentions. The user experiences you craft through proper sitemap planning and perfected user flows affect your bottom line. Internet apps like Slickplan are powerful tools when it comes to engaging leads and creating customers.

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