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User Experience Design and Testing

Instructor: Diarmad McNally

Want to learn information architecture in a four-day immersive online experience? Imparture’s User Experience Design and Testing teaches the fundamentals of user-focused design for both beginners and those already involved in the creation of digital products. In just two weeks, you’ll learn why UX design is important for any digital product, as well as how to execute its strategies.

About the Instructor

Diarmad McNally

Diarmad McNally

About this course

User Experience Design and Testing is an intensive course that gives you a solid foundation in user experience. By the end of the class, you’ll have mastered user-centric design, user behavior, and know how to create an intuitive information architecture. The course teaches you both practical techniques as well as the theory behind them.

When you create a website with a robust user interface, you’ll notice the rewards as soon as you roll out the new site. Your customers will be able to easily find whatever they’re looking for so they won’t leave your site for a competitor. A well-designed website gives potential customers a great first impression.

This workshop is split into four classes. Class one starts with user experience design and talks about the business benefits and the essentials of user experience. You’ll learn how to design information architecture and user-centered design. The instructor discusses how to understand online behavior, and how it differs between online and mobile. Students also learn how to research their users and build a website around their behavior, instead of the other way around. This creates a site that feels natural to the user and increases satisfaction. The class will then move into more details on user research and user stories followed by a discussion on creating storyboards and wireframes as outlines of what a site will look like.

In the second class, the instructors dive deeper into the fundamentals of information architecture and organizational schemes. The class moves into labeling and language. Students learn how to create clear labels clear for every visitor to their site. Finally, the course explores navigational systems, and how to combine global and local navigation systems so that people can easily find everything they are looking for. Students also learn how to document everything with sitemaps.

In the third class, participants learn the principles of design, including how to keep things simple and clear for site users. The course discusses visual logic, copywriting, and color psychology – all strategies for making sure that a website is well designed on all levels. This class will also cover trends in mobile users, as well as how to design for easy use on a smartphone. Many designers do not realize that mobile design is entirely different than strategies for a desktop. This portion of the course teaches participants how to design a site for both scenarios with responsive design.

Class four concludes the course with instruction on design testing, including usability and eye tracking. Students learn how to analyze their work and ensure it provides the best results for the user.

Imparture offers a unique approach to online learning. Although entirely online base, every course includes live, instructor-led classes as well as group activities. Students receive an interactive experience similar to what they might find offline.










2 weeks





What I Will Learn

  • Responsive Design
  • Wireframes
  • Information Architecture
  • Color Psychology
  • Site Mapping
  • Testing
  • UX Design
  • User Flows
  • Content Strategy
  • Naming Conventions
  • Storyboards

Why We Recommend This IA Course

Not all online courses are created equally, and Imparture is definitely not like the rest. This course is ideal for anyone that prefers to learn in a collaborative environment, instead of watching recorded videos. This course is taught by one of ten skilled trainers, each of whom has extensive hands-on experience in user interface design.