Best User Experience YouTube Channels (UX Designer Tutorials)

What they say is true; YouTube really does have everything! Aside from the adorable cat videos and unavoidable rabbit holes 😬, you also have tons of deep knowledge at your fingertips. Knowledge that’s available 24/7/365, constantly being updated and, best yet, it’s free. What a deal!

YouTube UX videos can easily be found with simple Google search phrases like user experience tutorials, UX design definition, UX design videos, UX for beginners, etc.

There’s actually a hefty variety of videos on the topic and determining the best user experience YouTube channels for you really depends on your needs. Are you a beginner? A UX designer looking for some new skills? Curious if user experience design is right for you?

How to become a UX designer extraordinaire using YouTube

The simple answer here is to immerse yourself in as many videos as you can from a wide range of creators and companies. Everybody is going to have their own way of teaching and different skills to share so again, it comes down to knowing what you’re after or refining your search as you go. You can watch a million videos but if you aren’t taking ‘em in and they aren’t preaching what you want to practice, what good are they?

What are user experience YouTube channels good for?

UX design tutorials and vlogs are helpful for new and seasoned designers alike and can even be helpful for those looking to hire a UX designer to improve usability metrics.

How? Glad you asked.

If you equip yourself with info on what UX tools are available, what skills are great to have and what those skills can do, you can hire the best of the best because you’ll know what to look out for.

Additionally, YouTube UI tutorials are out there to help you understand the difference between user interface and user experience and how they intertwine to improve functionality.

There are also some amazing graphics that’ve been floating around the net for years that paint a clearer picture, the two examples below being particularly useful. UX and UI are everywhere we look.

UX Analogy

You can learn just about anything on YouTube so long as you put forth the effort; from questions about integrations to what is microcopy and how it can benefit your users, you have a world of expert knowledge at your fingertips. These channels can help you better understand the various apps available, give you information on creating the best chatbot user experience, break down different career paths, highlight trends and so much more.

Can I get work with the knowledge from YouTube UX channels?

Kinda, sorta.

But not necessarily directly.

You can learn just about everything there is to know about creating a seamless UX but without some real experience, it’ll prove difficult to get the work you’re dreaming of.

You can read all the recipes you want but until you actually bake a cake you won’t know if you can do it…and no one wants to pay for a bush league cake.

The practice you’ll gain from YouTube UX channels is invaluable in making you better and will help open the door to some genuine work opportunities that’ll give you the real-world experience – and confidence – you need to get progressively better and better gigs.

That said, the experience can come from anywhere. If you aren’t currently working as a UX designer and building a portfolio in the business, you can always gain vital know-how from building your own website. You need one anyhow, no? May as well make the UX velvety and show it off as a shining example that you know what’s what.

These UX designer tutorials could really pay off in both scenarios. You might get lucky and find a smaller-scale employer willing to give you a chance if you’re new but they’ll expect you to come with a reasonably sized UX design portfolio of work you’ve created outside of an employer. They’ll understand if you don’t have a ton, just be honest and don’t show up with one design thinking you’ve brought the heat to the game. An average UX designer is coachable; a liar is, well, worse.

Lastly, finding employment can also happen because you’re already in the industry and have added skills to your repertoire, raising your value as an employee.

More value=more money. Know your worth.

While you’re here, check out some UX designer interview questions to be prepared for.

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What are the best user experience YouTube channels? Here’s our top 8 list:

Here’s our list of the best 8 YouTube channels to dive into. They’re in no particular order and you’ll find a lot of value in them all, we recommend taking a look at all the options!

Howard Pinsky (Most subscribers and largest number of videos)

Howard Pinsky

As a Senior XD Evangelist at Adobe, with a focus on Adobe XD and Photoshop, you can easily see why this YouTube UX design channel has nearly half a million subscribers. There are more than 500 videos to choose from ranging from topics like creating a signup form to designing menu systems and more.

Howard is best for: Adobe specific training.

Jesse Showalter (Great content diversity with more frequent posting)

Jesse Showalter

Jesse has tons of videos to offer with a diverse range of topics. You’ll find videos about freelancing, graphic design, UX design, UI design and beyond. Of all the UX YouTube channels, this is the most diverse and includes videos on Sketch, Dribble, Bravo, XD, FigJam/Figma and more. There really is something for everybody on this one. There’s even a playlist of “free stuff”. Just saying…

Jesse is best for: Easy-to-follow content that is published at least once a week.

Satori Graphics (Best options for advanced designers)

Satori Graphics

Satori Graphics is a powerhouse. This is one of the best UI/UX YouTube channels if you’re already in the business. It’s a great way to sharpen some old skills and learn new ones. There are far too many categories to list here but not only can you learn skills, they even have some design theory videos. Ever wonder why those Apple commercials work so well? They’ll tell you.

Satori Graphics is best for: Advanced creators looking for new skills or a brush-up.

NNgroup (Better in-depth content and number of videos)


NNgroup is a great place for both advanced designers and newer designers (probably not for those on day one of their UX journey though). They have over 450 videos available from a variety of presenters on a wide range of subjects; you’ll find videos that go over everything from best practices for mobile design to designing for the elderly.

NNgroup is best for: Advanced content and the most frequent video uploads.

Sarah Doody (Top content for job research)

Sarah Doody

Absolutely no list would be complete without the Queen of UX. Sarah has single-handedly helped people in the industry land more than $5 million worth of salaries in 2020 alone. This is the place to learn skills for the job and how to get the job. Sarah is a one-stop-shop and can’t come recommended enough.

Sarah is best for: All levels of designers looking for an edge especially in the search for work.

UX Salon (Amazing interview content)

UX Salon

UX Salon is chock full of videos to help mostly advanced creators but has a big secret weapon; interviews. Beginners and newer users may find it helpful to watch these as they showcase people who are already successful in the industry, giving you a good idea of what to expect and what to look out for.

UX Salon is best for: Seeing in-depth explanations of the industry from the pros already in it.

UX Mastery (Easiest videos to follow)

UX Mastery

This channel is a must-see. While the videos cover a wide range of topics just like the other channels we’ve covered, it’s how they present them that’s landed them on this list.

Instead of stock video or boring stills with the Ken Burns effect of just panning and zooming an image, they’ve used hand-drawn illustrations synched with the voiceover to teach UX skills. It’s almost cartoonish, and who doesn’t love cartoons. We definitely consider this to be one of the top notch UX design YouTube channels.

UX Mastery is best for: Ease of learning. Lots of topics are presented in a super digestible format.

Maex (YouTuber with the largest app diversity)


Last and of course never least, Maex is an easy choice for this list. His channel is great for beginners looking into the industry and those looking for new skills. If you want to learn about Sketch, Adobe XD, Marvel and the other UX/UI tools out there you’re in the right place. There are over 300 videos to choose from ranging from integrating apps and websites to wireframing. Definitely worth hitting the subscribe button.

Maex is best for: Any level of designer and even some videos in German.

What are the best UX YouTube channels for me? Find your UX Bootcamp

Ultimately the “best” of anything is going to be dependent on you. The best UX design YouTube channels will require you to ask yourself: How do you learn? What are you trying to learn? How well do you stick to it? Your bootcamp could be one or two channels that you focus all of your attention on and learn everything they offer or you may learn better from a wider range of channels. There’s no absolute right way to do this, so see what’s best for you and run with it – just don’t be afraid to try something if it’s out of your comfort zone. If you’re really determined to do this and have a passion for it, the best UX YouTube channels are out there waiting to show you a whole new world. (insert Aladdin music here)

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  • What UX designer tutorials are the most helpful for beginners?

    The UX designer that beginners will find most helpful is Jesse Showalter. His videos are very easy to follow and you'll find tutorials and explanations for lots of apps and some great skills to have. But do your research and find what works best for you!

  • Who offers the best advanced UX training?

    Again, this is very goal specific. The best advanced UX training videos come in three categories. Job hunting? Check out Sarah Doody. Sharpening skills? We choose NNgroup. Looking for new skills? Satori Graphics. Just don't pigeonhole yourself into one channel and miss out on others.

Sean LeSuer

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