11 UX YouTubers You Should Check Out

UX Youtubers
Jenn Marie
Nov 10, 20175 min read

Need a break from designing, or are you interested in learning more about user-experience design? These YouTube channels will help you learn, laugh, and connect with the UX industry.

Sarah Doody

Sarah DoodyDo you want to learn how to craft websites from a user experience point of view? Sarah Doody will help you think like a UX designer, even if you lack the formal training. Sarah is a New York based entrepreneur that specializes in UX design. Her videos cover practical skills such as user research and UX careers as well as Q&As and live UX chats.

Since most of her videos are under 15 minutes, they are easy to watch during a break. She also features a couple hour-long conference talks on prototypes and research.

UX Mastery

UX MasteryThe UX mastery site is already known for providing free online based education on user-centered design, and their YouTube site is no different. Their channel features short whiteboard tutorials on a variety of UX topics, including wireframing, personas, and performing content audits. They also have a curated playlist of other great UX videos on YouTube.

While many of their videos are short, there are also a few longer ones for those looking to dive deeper. Their most recent upload, UX Mastery Book Club, features Don Norman, author of The Design of Everyday Things, UX Pedagogy, Design Culture, and Using Design for Positive Change.

The Futur

The FuturWelcome to the Futur, a Santa Monica, California based YouTube channel focused on educating the creative entrepreneur. This YouTube channel is hosted by the Futur Team and volunteers and is dynamically developed based on user demand.

While the Futur covers a variety of topics geared toward creative professionals, their UX/UI Web design playlist is perfect for those looking to learn more on the subject through in-depth, interactive videos. The included videos discuss a variety of topic ranging from “What is UX Design” to “Designing from Wireframes”. The Futur UX/UI Web Design playlist includes sixteen 30+ minute long videos that will leave you well informed and entertained.

Harvard Innovation Labs

Harvard Innovation LabThe Harvard Innovation Labs channel connects the Harvard community with entrepreneurs on a variety of topics related to the business of technology. Many of the videos are in-depth talks, providing more than an hour of Ivy League perspective on startups and innovation.

In terms of UX, the channel includes two hour-long videos on UX design: Why You Are Over Thinking Your UI/UX and UX Design: An Introduction with Scott. As a whole, the channel provides incredibly valuable information for any type of creative entrepreneur.

Expose UX

Expose UXDo you like reality shows? Do you get excited about UX? If either is true, you’ll love Expose UX. This creative YouTube channel makes user-experience the ultimate competition. Web designers battle against each other to create the most user-focused site, as judged by a panel of experts.

Expose UX is a welcome break from tutorials and conference talks. The well-produced web series is part Shark Tank, part cooking competition with serious UX fundamentals. You’re likely to get hooked and learn something at the same time.

Human Factors International

Human Factors InternationalIf you are looking for a YouTube channel that is dedicated to UX, Human Factors International delivers. With nearly 80 videos dedicated to UX topics, it deserves to be on this list. This is probably not a surprise since the channel is owned by the world’s largest UX company.

In addition to its many videos, the channel also features eight playlists. These curated lists cover topics such as “The ROI of UX”, “Advanced UX Topics”, and “UX Certifications and Metrics”. With its breadth and videos, it is the perfect channel for those serious about user experience design.

UX Salon

UX SalonUX Salon’s goals are very simple. They aim to provide professional education for the worldwide UX community. This includes their YouTube channel which features short (and a couple long) videos from the annual conferences, as well as guest speakers on selected UX topics.

One of their most interesting playlists is their UX on Coffee series. This playlist features 20 to 30-minute-long interviews with UX industry leaders, all while drinking coffee.  

Mike Locke

Mike LockeUX Designer Mike Locke is a popular YouTuber with more than 250 videos covering website design, freelancing as a website designer, and specific jobs in UI/UX design. In addition to his YouTube channel, which has been active for 8 years, he also sells access to his in-depth videos through his website. Offline Locke works as Lead UI/UX Designer for ADP.

His YouTube channel features short videos that are perfect for brushing up on fundamentals or introducing you to new ideas. He also has two dedicated playlists for Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Illustrator.

Laith Wallace

Laith Wallace London-based UX designer and brand strategist, Laith Wallace is focused on helping UX designers make more money. His twenty videos include topics such as: defining UX, interviewing for a UX design job, and dealing with nightmare clients. With his unique focus on branding combined with a passion for the UX industry, he offers valuable advice for anyone trying to get their foot in the door.

While most of the videos on his channel are less than ten minutes, he does feature one hour-long interview with Andy Budd of Clearleft. In the video, they discuss the future of UX in terms of jobs roles. It is a must-see for anyone planning to become a UX designer.

NN Group

NN GroupThe Nielson Norman Group is known for conducting user experience research for years and is established as a leading voice in the user experience field. Their Youtube channel gives subscribers a taste of some of the topics they cover, enabling a deeper dive into UX for those ready to master their craft.

The NN Group YouTube Channel features short videos from various industry experts organized into 14 playlists. They also highlight their conferences and share some of their favorite videos.


MaexWhen a young designer starts video blogging about his life, you end up with Maex. This channel includes videos and tutorials about freelancing, UI/UX design, and technologies such as Sketch, Adobe XD, and InVision. You’ll find plenty of variety here as subscribers are treated to reviews, glimpses into his life, and some useful tips and tricks of the trade.

If you’d like to jump to a specific topic, there are 13 playlists that range from tutorials and case studies to the web series, Web Design Time Machine. For those who love UX, this is definitely a channel to check out.

Jenn Marie
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