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Information and Library Sciences Department

Southern Connecticut State University - New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Get your Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Connecticut State University with a major in Information Management and Services to prepare you for work as an information architect. It is offered by Southern's Department of Information and Library Science and is an integrative major that connects library science, information science, and other disciplines across the university's curriculum.




4 Years









About This Program

Students who have graduated from information architecture programs will be able to start their career in a variety of fields. This Bachelor of Science provides an entry-level method of doing so. Graduates may become librarians or directors of library systems, head of metadata and/or cataloging, jobs in user experience or information design, or they may choose to deepen their information architecture education and get a master's in a related field.

39 credits total make up this major, with other elective credits required for graduation totaling around 120 credits. It is a full-time, four-year degree that allows students to explore their additional interests beyond just information management. For example, they may add some courses in business, computer science, or graphic design in order to specialize their knowledge into a true IA education.

The required courses and credits are different for graduation from Southern and for completing the ILS major at Southern. Students must complete 39 credits' worth of ILS courses, with eight foundational courses required and the remaining credits coming from elected ILS courses. The required courses are Information Service, Technical Services, User Services, Data Literacy and Presentation, Organization of the Information Center, Information Sources, Information Service Technology, and Library – Information Service Practice.

9 credit hours will be chosen that are computer and data-focused. The remaining 6 required credits will be focused around one cognate area, to be chosen by the student. The three cognate areas that students may choose are Management, Psychology/Sociology, and Communication. Students should consider what their interests and career goals are before deciding on a cognate area.

Students who are majoring in ILS must maintain a 2.5 GPA to remain in this information architecture program. Because Southern has a Liberal Education Program, students must also take courses required by the university that total 48 credits. This allows students to explore reasoning, communication, linguistics, science, and other such courses they may not otherwise have the opportunity to take.

While future information architects should major in ILS at Southern, they can also decide within the first two years to have it as a minor instead, with something else as their major. Depending on their specialty (web design, graphic design, user experience, etc.) it may make more sense to major in another area (such as computer science, art, or psychology) while minoring in ILS.

Undergraduate students from outside of Connecticut will pay around $11,600 in total per semester. This includes all the additional fees and applies to full-time students only. This was the 2017/2018 rate; prices may rise in the future. This does not include room and board. Scholarships and grants may be available to applicants; check Southern's website for more information. Students must have a high school diploma or equivalent to be eligible for admission.

About This School

Southern Connecticut State University offers a full undergraduate college life in addition to an excellent education. With its numerous athletic programs, new buildings, and proximity to a number of hotspots (78 miles from New York City, for example), Southern is a top choice for many students. As a small to medium-sized school with just under 8,000 undergraduate students, every student here counts.

What I Will Learn

  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • User Experience
  • Information Architecture
  • Information Management
  • Information Design

Why We Recommend This IA School Program

There aren’t many undergraduate degrees in information architecture, making it hard for recent high school graduates to enter the field. However, Southern Connecticut State offers both a major and a minor, making a career in Information architecture much more attainable. Students can create their ideal IA program based on their interests, or major in the full program and pursue graduate-level work.

Course Requirements / Prerequisites

Applicants who hope to be accepted should have a B average in high school, an ACT composite score of at least 18-21, and/or an SAT score of at least 980-1180 (on the new SAT).