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Master in Information Architecture

Aalborg University - Aalborg, Denmark

Are you interested in a master’s level IA program in Denmark? Would you like to learn not only the theory behind information architecture but also have the opportunity to put that theory into practice? If so, the Master in Information Architecture degree at Aalborg University may be the right fit for you.




2 Years









About This Program

The modern world relies ever more heavily on vast stores of data, and on the technology needed to understand and access that data. Graduates of this information architecture program are in high demand in governmental organizations and large corporations – anywhere that needs to maintain a clear information system.

Students in the Master in Information Architecture program develop the skills that they need to evaluate, analyze, design, and manage complex information systems. It is focused on computer-mediated communications and user experience, making it simple for human beings to take advantage of the vast stores of data available today. Students will learn how to make information systems both simple to use and well structured so that all data is organized clearly now and for years to come.

Students follow a structured pattern of courses that allow their knowledge to build throughout their time in the IA program. The first (7th) semester includes three courses: Information Architecture, Rhetoric, and Persuasive Design; Categorization, Concepts, and Cognition; and Web Technology and Databases. The following semester includes Information Architecture in Organizations; Design of Information Architecture; and The Module Design Tools. The 9th semester includes Information Architecture in Practice (where students work hands-on with outside companies), Research Methodology, and a choice of electives. In their final semester, students complete a Master’s thesis, where they can choose a topic they would like to focus on more in depth.

This is a full-time master’s program offered to both Danish and international students. All instruction is in English. The IA degree is project-based, which allows students to have hands-on experience solving the kinds of problems that they will be expected to solve as professionals in the field of information architecture. The instructors believe that the best learning happens by doing, which is why the traineeship is such an important part of this information architecture program.

The Information Architecture program offers students the opportunity to complete three different cases. Students work with an outside company to solve a problem they are working on, doing a month worth of work and then reflecting on what they have learned through week-long reflection periods. After completing the traineeship, students will have case studies to discuss in future job interviews, as well as connections at local businesses. Students may also choose to work on research projects at Aalborg University. This traineeship takes place in the 9th semester (the first half of the second year), which is also when students have the option to study abroad.

Interested applicants must complete their application by March 1 using STADS-DANS, the national Danish digital application system. Students from the European Union will not be charged tuition fees, and non-EU residents will be charged tuition of 92,400 Danish Krone per academic year, equal to approximately $14,000.

About This School

Aalborg University is a public university in Denmark which was founded in 1974. It offers bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. programs and enrolls approximately 20,000 students each semester. The school has campuses in Aalborg, Esbjerg, and Copenhagen. The school focuses on interdisciplinary studies and offers an experimental curriculum focused on problem-centered education.

What I Will Learn

  • Information Systems
  • Information Architecture
  • User Research
  • Persuasive Design
  • UX Design
  • User Experience
  • Digital Media

Why We Recommend This IA School Program

The opportunity to study in Denmark as an international student is motivation enough for many people; however, this master’s program is a great foundation for a career in information architecture as well. If you have the appropriate background, this program can help prepare you with practical knowledge combined with a required traineeship.

Course Requirements / Prerequisites

Students are expected to hold a bachelor’s degree in Informatics, Communication and Digital Media, Information Technology, Web Development, or another relevant field. Students must also submit results of the TOEFL or other English language proficiency test. Approximately 30 students will be admitted to the program each year.