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Master in Information Architecture and Innovation

Jönköping University - Jönköping, Sweden

This information architecture program is designed for students with a Bachelor's degree in business administration, computer science, informatics, or a similar field. If that sounds like you, this may be the perfect program for your information architecture education. Located in beautiful Sweden, this Master's degree will prepare you for a career as an information architect.




2 Years









About This Program

The Masters in Information Architecture and Innovation degree is an information architecture program designed to prepare students for a variety of jobs. The skills gained in the Master's program include the ability to analyze and critically assess problems that come up in business as well as technology. Graduates may end up working as researchers, IT managers, information officers, or perhaps they will decide to continue their education with doctoral studies (for which they will have been well prepared with their information architecture education).

This program is worth 120 credits (which differ from the worth of typical credits in the United States) and is a full-time program that takes place in the Swedish city of Jönköping. Although located in Sweden, the IA program is taught entirely in English, making proficiency in Swedish unnecessary. Only three semesters must be completed in Sweden, as studying abroad for a semester is an option in this program.

Students will have no trouble selecting classes, as this information architecture program is well structured and organized. In the fall of the first year, students are required to take Digital Innovation, Project Management in Cross-Cultural Settings, Project in Information System, and Theory and Practice of Socio-Technical Systems. These four courses are worth 7.5 credits each.

During the spring of the first year, students must take Enterprise Architecture and IT Architecture, Information Strategy, Digital Transformation and Renewal, and Advanced Research Methods in Information Systems. The second year looks a bit different, as each semester requires one "activity" worth 30 credits, rather than 4 courses worth 7.5 credits each. In the fall of the second year, students will either study abroad, choose specific elective courses, or do an internship. In the final semester, students will write their Master's Thesis in Informatics.

The Master of Science in Information Architecture program is designed to be full time and last for two years (four semesters). This totals 120 credits, with each class being worth around 7.5 credits. Students will, therefore, be completing 30 credits per semester to graduate within the two years.

Although they refer to it as a master's program called "Information Architecture and Innovation," this program is technically a Master of Science with a major in Informatics. This has no negative effect on gaining a proper information architecture education, of course; it is simply important to remember when navigating the website and learning about the various aspects of the program.

Those who are not citizens of the EU will have to pay tuition. The total cost of tuition is 240,000 SEK (Swedish Krona), or around USD 30,000. Scholarships are available. The application deadline period is October and May; however, classes begin only in the Fall.

About This School

More than anything else, Jönköping University is an international hotspot. Almost a third of its faculty are from countries other than Sweden, and nearly half of its student body is from outside of Sweden as well. Students here will find themselves making connections from all over the world. The university offers Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. level degrees.

What I Will Learn

  • Information Systems
  • Research Methods
  • Information Strategy
  • IT Architecture
  • Information Architecture
  • Project Management

Why We Recommend This IA School Program

Digital information is a global career, and Jönköping University is a global Univesity. With an international student body and a master's degree program that encourages studying abroad, you are sure to gain a global perspective on information architecture. For those looking for an IA program with an international business foundation, Sweden is the place to be.

Course Requirements / Prerequisites

Students must submit their Bachelor's diploma to be eligible for admission. Also required are transcripts, proof of English proficiency, a letter of motivation, and perhaps a web-based interview as well as other specific requirements based on the individual.