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Master of Library and Information Science Information Architecture Track IA Summer School

University of Montreal - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Summer school, anyone? The University of Montreal's summer school offers a Master of Library and Information Science with an Information Architecture track, which gives students both the foundation they need to work in a variety of industries, as well as the specialized knowledge of information architecture. This IA program combines online work with in-person meetings.













About This Program

Getting your Master's degree in Information Architecture can be a great way to further your career, whether you want to work as a researcher, archivist, librarian, webmaster, analyst, and so on. Although it's based in Montreal, Canada, this program is also recognized in the United States and abroad.

The IA Summer School track at the EBSI (School of Library and Information Science) gives students an IA education via about 45 hours in the classroom as well as about 135 hours of other work. This is achieved through the combination of about 8 days of in-person meetings (in Montreal) along with online work.

The Summer School's information architecture program is project-focused. Students can expect to spend about 60% of their time (and therefore for 60% of their final grade) working in teams to design client-based solutions. It will be presented to the class and professor on the final day. The other 40% is divided up into two parts. One part is student-chosen, as they will decide on one issue and reflect on it. The final 20% is a blog post created by the student to outline a report on an artifact's usability. The specific artifact is also chosen by the student.

These information architecture classes are web and technology-based. The focus will be on the basics of information architecture as a field of study, user experience, and how to design information systems that are user-friendly.

All students applying to the course must be proficient in French, as the courses and assignments are mostly conducted in French. A prospective student must also be already enrolled in the MSc - Information Science program, or else have previous experience or at least have a background in information management. Students must also already have a Bachelor's degree (in any field) before being eligible to apply.

Because this course is short and intensive, students can expect it to be a goal-oriented, highly efficient program in which a lot of knowledge and experience is acquired in a short amount of time. Students coming from outside Quebec to study at the University of Montreal are encouraged to get in touch with the international student services (Bureau des étudiants internationaux) to get the details they need for the program of study.

The School of Library and Information Science has had ALA accreditation since the year 1969, meaning it is recognized for its quality education in its IA program as well as other programs. Students at the information architecture school will be greeted by a vast network of professionals and alumni as well as resources.

The cost per credit for foreign students is $545.78 in-person and $238.39 per credit online. Other fees may apply – get in touch with the international student services office to learn more.

About This School

The University of Montreal is well-known for training individuals to be highly useful members of society with specialized skills and experience. It is ranked 108th in the world, 4th in Canada, and 1st in Quebec. The School of Library and Information Science first started as the School of Librarians in the year 1937.

What I Will Learn

  • Information Science
  • Information Management
  • Librarianship
  • Knowledge Management
  • UX Design
  • Content Management

Why We Recommend This IA School Program

For French speakers, this information architecture program provides practical instruction in usability design. Offered both online and offline, this program provides master’s level instruction over the summer. This top-notch program is somewhat difficult to get in, (you’ll need to already be in the EBSI MSc program or already be working in information management), but it is definitely worth the effort.

Course Requirements / Prerequisites

Students must be enrolled in the EBSI MSc program or else have an information management background. Students must also have a working knowledge of French, as most classes and assignments are conducted in French.