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Master of Library and Information Studies, Knowledge Management Specialization

McGill University - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The Master of Information Studies program at the McGill School of Information Studies gives students a thorough information architecture education to prepare them for careers in any kind of organization. Every company has tons of knowledge acquired by its workers, but this knowledge is not always easy to pass on or access. That's where the Knowledge Management specialization comes in handy.




2 Years









About This Program

Students who complete the Master of Information Studies program at McGill University will be equipped to become useful and knowledgeable information professionals in fields that are ever increasing in relevance today. Students who specialized in Knowledge Management will be qualified to work as taxonomists, content managers, knowledge journalists, community of practice facilitators, or knowledge support offices.

Students can choose one of two tracks (MISt and MISt – Project), both of which are non-thesis degrees. The Master of Information Studies program with an additional project has a research-based project that is worth 18 credits, while the other route does not include such a project.

This IA program generally has a duration of two years on a full-time basis, with 48 credits in total being earned. Some students opt to complete their degree part-time, in which case a maximum of 5 years may be used.

Students in this information architecture program must choose an Area of Interest to focus on to hone their knowledge and understanding in a specific field. The Knowledge Management (KM) area of interest allows students to work in almost any kind of organization that includes some kind of collection of knowledge – and that means almost any organization at all.

KM involves collecting the expertise of a given company from people's heads, documents, databases, and elsewhere and distributing it in an effective and productive way to allow the knowledge to be shared and accessible for anyone who needs it.

MISt students with a specialization in Knowledge Management will take information architecture classes that include Business Information, Competitive Intelligence, Knowledge Management Foundations, Intellectual Capital Management, Knowledge Taxonomies, Communities of Practice, and more.

In order to complete this IA degree, students must take certain required courses (15 credits) as well as complementary Knowledge Management courses (21-33 credits). The program is conducted entirely in English, so prospective students who don't have English as their mother tongue must demonstrate English proficiency. A bachelor's degree from a recognized university with high enough grades (a B or higher) is also required.

Students at McGill University will take all of their IA classes in person, meaning they will have to be living in Montreal. Students in their second year may take an additional practicum course, which is worth 3 credits and gives students the opportunity to use their acquired knowledge to gain actual experience in the field.

The application window opens on September 15th, with the deadline for completion for both Canadian and international students on January 15th. International students will have to pay around $13,000 per year for tuition, as well as $1300 or more in Student Service Fees and $1100 or more in Health Coverage fees. Canadian citizens pay much lower tuition costs, especially if they are from Quebec. McGill University is accredited by the American Library Association (ALA) and is therefore internationally recognized.

About This School

McGill University and the McGill School of Information Studies has a rich history, stemming back to 1897. Nestled in the multicultural hotspot of Montreal, Quebec, the school is an affiliate of iSchools, which is an international consortium focused on the promotion and leadership of information as an area of discipline. The MISc program has been offered since 2014.

What I Will Learn

  • Knowledge Management
  • Business Information
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Intellectual Capital Management
  • Knowledge Taxonomies
  • Information Architecture
  • Information Studies
  • Librarianship

Why We Recommend This IA School Program

Information studies is a growing field, and McGill University is dedicated to providing education to future knowledge managers. Located in the busy city of Montreal, graduate students become leaders in information studies while also gaining the opportunity to complete a practicum course for experience in the field. This IA program is ideal for those interested in either library studies or content management.

Course Requirements / Prerequisites

Applicants must demonstrate their English proficiency as well as have a Bachelor's degree from a recognized university with grades at a B average or above. International degrees acquired outside of Canada will be assessed for equivalency.